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MLB: Mariners-Giants Game Postponed Due to Oregon Wildfire

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images)

As wildfire smoke continues to plague the west coast, MLB elected to cancel a game because due to poor air quality.

On Tuesday evening, the Seattle Mariners planned on squaring off against the San Francisco Giants. However, dense smoke from nearby Oregon wildfires caused air quality measurements to plummet.

The Mariners were able to get a double-header against the Oakland A’s on Monday. TMZ reported the air was so thick it looks like the players were competing in a dark cloud.

Instead of another game convoluted by heavy smoke, MLB officials decided to reschedule the game. The league moved the matchup to Wednesday and Thursday and relocated to San Francisco. The Mariners later released a statement on Tuesday regarding the rescheduling.

“Unfortunately the air quality in Seattle has gotten worse overnight here at T-Mobile Park and it is not clearing today at all,” Mariners President Kevin Mather said. “Forecasters expect it to be clear late Thursday and into Friday morning. As always, the health and safety of the players and our staff is our first priority.”

Mather thanked the Giants organization for their cooperation in the difficult situation.

“To assure the games could be played, the best solution was to re-locate to the bay area,” he said. “We appreciate the Giants willingness to work with us on this challenge. We look forward to returning to T-Mobile Park on Friday to host the (San Diego) Padres.”

The Mariners announced the rescheduled games in a tweet Tuesday evening.

Wildfire Health Concerns

Washington health officials have warned that severely poor air quality from wildfire can have adverse health effects. Burning eyes, aggravation in the lungs and even heart disease are a few of the ailments officials have warned the population about.

The Seattle Times reported the local Air Quality Index (AQI) is between 150 and 180. That level is very unhealthy per air quality experts and places Seattle among the worst air quality regions in the world.

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