Maryland Angler Shatters Swordfish Record with 301-Pound Monster: PHOTO

by Chris Haney

Over the weekend, a Maryland fisherman caught a record-breaking massive swordfish that took him hours to reel the huge fish in.

On Saturday, Annapolis resident Peter Schulz participated in the Big Fish Classic Tournament in Ocean City. The angler and his team fished at Washington Canyon around 50-miles off the shores of Maryland. On Thursday, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources shared Schulz’s record-setting catch, which weighed 301-pounds.

When Schulz spoke to the Maryland DNR, he called the swordfish the catch of a lifetime. In addition, the angler made sure to give credit where credit is due. He thanked and shared his appreciation for the rest of his team that helped with the catch. Schulz said that each team member played a “crucial” role in reeling the beast of a fish in. Supposedly it took the team a full eight hours just to reel the swordfish in, but it sounds like it was worth the wait.

The fishing team took their gigantic swordfish to be certified at M.R. Ducks – a local bar and grill located at the Talbot Street Pier. Later on, a biologist from Maryland’s DNR confirmed Schulz’s catch and its weight. The confirmation officially placed Peter Schulz’s name in the record books. According to the state’s DNR, the fisherman is the first record-setter for a swordfish in the Atlantic division. The department also made sure to show off Schulz’s impressive catch on their Facebook account on Thursday.

“NEW STATE FISHING RECORD: Congratulations to Peter Schultz from Annapolis, for setting a Maryland record with a 301-pound SWORDFISH off the Ocean City Coast. The Annapolis resident and team endured an 8-hour fight to land the record fish,” the department’s Facebook page wrote earlier today.

Florida Anglers Break Record With Massive Swordfish

If you thought Peter Schulz’s swordfish was enormous, wait until you hear about four Florida-based fisherman who caught one double his catch’s size.

Four young anglers went fishing off the shores of Fort Lauderdale looking for swordfish. But there’s no way they could’ve known just how successful they’d be on their excursion. Hunter Irvine, Timmy Maddock, Jeremey Rafferty, and Jaime Johanson took Irvine’s 31-foot boat “Young Guns Too” out to sea looking for the huge fish.

After hooking one about 18 miles off the coast of Fort Lauderdale, they were shocked when they realized how large it was. In fact, when they realized just how big the swordfish was, it made them nervous.

“I was so nervous getting ready with the harpoon that my legs locked up,” Irvine told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “I got a good harpoon shot and it was then that we realized what a true sea monster we had.”

The four-man team reeled in an almost unheard of 767-pound, 107-inch monster of a swordfish. The gigantic fish broke Florida’s record for the largest swordfish. Additionally, the fish was only a few pounds shy of breaking the U.S. record for the largest swordfish ever.