Massachusetts Hunter Rescued After Being Stranded on ‘Island of Ice’

by Madison Miller

A Massachusetts hunter found himself in an icy situation on Monday.

The hunter was in Huntington hunting when he got lost. Somehow, he got trapped on an ice island that was frozen in the middle of a body of water. The ice island was 300 feet from the shore.

This meant that the hunter, who is also an elderly man, was unable to escape. If he were to swim, the water would be freezing temperatures and would likely give him extreme hypothermia. The only option was to wait for emergency services.

According to Mass Live, the man was rescued and given medical treatment. He is in good condition as of the latest reports.

The hunter spent hours near Knightville Dam before he became tired and cold. He called for help using 911, where a firefighter in a thermal suit eventually waded through the water to get to the man.

The man, while also getting lost, had not been prepared enough for the effects of cold-weather hunting. This meaning, he had ended up in wet clothing, went too far out, and was overly cold.

Getting Prepared for Cold-Weather Hunting

This time of year is often the most popular time to hunt. For many states, new laws have been in place to regulate the increase in hunters.

However, the increase in hunters could also lead to more injuries or more inexperienced people out in the field. The late-season deer hunting can be a daunting journey. Cold weather could lead to countless tragedies if hunters are unaware of how to brave it.

It’s important to stay warm while out hunting. Besides the safety side, it also leads to your body being looser and less tight when it comes time to make that shot.

This means wearing warm gear with multiple layers (make sure that the camo is on top). There are also countless items like the boot insulator that can be placed over your boots to save your feet from frostbite.

In addition, warm items are always a go-to. This means using a hand warmer on the hands, arms, or even placed strategically on the neck. This heat will radiate throughout the body. Hot liquids like coffee and soup can be essential in keeping warm as well as a key survival tool for keeping strength.

Depending on temperature and wind, exposed skin can be frostbitten within five minutes. Special equipment may be needed to ensure that guns can still operate properly. However, battery-operated equipment may fizzle out in extreme temperatures.