Watch: Massive Alligator’s Tail Whips Golf Park Employee off Her Feet

by Jon D. B.

The footage shows a new employee at a Florida adventure park getting knocked clear off her feet by the alligator’s massive tail.

When new to a job, it’s best to take lead from the experienced pros around you. This green employee at Orlando’s Golf Gator Adventure Park, however, must’ve missed that memo.

While the entire circumstance is still unclear, professional animal wrangler Michael Womer – known in Florida as the Gator Crusader – decided to show off one of his enormous alligator friends to an employee who works in the park’s gift shop. As Womer attempts to show the girl the ropes, she becomes eager. Reaching in to join the Gator Crusader, the youngster places her hand on the gator’s tail near Womers’.

The gator, as you can guess, does not like this. The 8 foot monster of a reptile then whips its gargantuan tail immediately for her. She’s swept clean off her feet and onto her backside in a split second. His tail is so enormous and so strong, that the “warning” is over before it began.

Alligator’s tail sends stern warning to Florida park employee

Luckily for her, however, it was just that – a warning. Womer clarifies that if the alligator wanted the girl dead – she would be. As a veteran of 28 years experience with gators, he says it is of utmost importance to read and understand their body language.

“He was trying to knock her down,” Womer says of the gator. “I am leaning back trying to give him space and lightly picking that annoying algae off him when she leans into his personal space and pats and grabs his tail!”

Thankfully, the girl is completely fine. Other than a bruised ego and ankle, that is. She should count herself lucky, too, considering Florida’s unbelievable history of gator attacks.

If she’s learned anything from this encounter, though, it’s to never overstep a man known as the Gator Crusader. Or his gator friends.

[H/T Fox 13]