Massive Ancient Beaver Was the Size of a Black Bear

by Shelby Scott

North American beavers are iconic for their impressive incisors tinted orange and capable of taking down trees at the stump. However, while the animals’ feats are no doubt impressive, Minnesota once boasted an ancient ancestor to the modern-day beaver, with the aquatic animal weighing around 200 pounds and growing to the size of a contemporary black bear.

Further, the furry creature’s size, while intriguing, does not speak to the animal’s recent discovery. In 1988, elementary school students began lobbying to make the giant creature the state’s fossil. According to the Washington Post, the proposal did in fact receive support from several state representatives. However, the news source shared that the initiative fizzled and the state remained fossil-less over the next two decades.

Additionally, while early humans encountered the ancient mastodons and mammoths, scientists are unsure as to whether they also encountered these ancient beavers. It was during the Pleistocene era that humans, mastodons, mammoths, and more inhabited the planet together, although professionals remain unsure whether or not the giant beaver inhabited the continent at the same time humans did.

Huge Beaver Causes Major Power-Outage

The ancient black-bear-sized beavers no doubt hosted the potential to cast serious harm on trees, other animals, and even humans had they shared the planet at the time of the creature’s existence. However, that’s not to say that our fuzzy aquatic friends don’t cause pretty intense damage today in our contemporary world.

In Logan, Utah earlier this month, a small town of about 1,000 people experienced an impressive power outage. While many Outsiders may associate a power outage with rain, heavy storms, snow, etc., this particular UT power outage came courtesy of a completely different cause.

Authorities reported that the incident had been caused by a troublesome beaver. The animal apparently chew through an entire tree, sending it and nearby power lines ground-ward. Fortunately, however, Logan only saw the outage last around an hour before gaining power back.

Humorously, safety officers initially were unaware of the beaver’s troublesome episode. Soon enough, though, the investigating officers confirmed the power outage came at the hands of the area’s troublesome beaver.

The following Tuesday morning saw officials relocate the destructive beaver away from Logan, where it hopefully does less damage to the area’s power lines.

Rabid Creature Poses Danger to Elderly Individual

Fortunately, the power-cutting beaver posed little danger to both himself and the UT town of Logan. However, on another occasion, a 73-year-old man sustained injuries at the claws of a rabid beaver.

Interestingly, the incident didn’t go as you might picture a rabid animal attack. The elderly gentleman, identified as Mark Pieraccini, went swimming in a pond he’d frequented for years when the attack occurred. Pieraccini reportedly punched the rabid creature in an effort to protect himself. In turn, the animal slapped and bit him, coming back time and again.

In the end, the 73-year-old won the battle of the pond. Following, we assume it took him time to recover.

While the rabid beaver attack is remarkable, it also made headlines as they don’t typically pose threats to humans. The long-toothed creatures really only seek confrontation regarding issues of territory.