Massive Brown Bear Mauls Bicyclist Who Tried to Defend Himself By Kicking It

by Megan Molseed

A bicyclist had a frightening encounter while touring an Alaskan trail earlier this week. According to reports, the bicyclist suffered injuries after being mauled by a brown bear while riding on a local Alaskan trail.

The bicyclist was traveling along an Alaskan trail in Cantwell, Alaska when he first spotted the brown bear, reports say.

The bicyclist says that after he spotted the animal, he could see the bear beginning to advance in his direction. Eventually, it began running straight towards him.

The Alaska Wildlife Troopers, which are located in Cantwell, Alaska, report that the biker has stated that he believes he was at least thirty feet away from the bear when the animal decided to charge.

Bicyclist Tried To Scare Brown Bear Away Before Getting Mauled

Once the bicyclist realized that the bear was running straight for him, he got off his bike and started shouting in the bear’s direction. He was hoping to frighten the charging animal away.

However, the bicyclist’s efforts did not sway the charging bear.

The man then fell to the ground, covering his head as the brown bear attacked.

“Just prior to the bear making contact, the victim fell to the ground and onto his back,” notes Alaska State Troopers said in a recent news release. “Covered his head and believes he kicked at the bear.”

According to the reports, the bear did make contact with the bicyclist attacking him as he lay on the ground.

“The bear made contact and bit the victim’s lower right leg, just below his knee,” notes the news release.

“The bear made one contact,” the report continues. “One bite then immediately retreated into the vegetation the same way it approached.”

The report goes on to note that the victim was able to call a friend for a ride after the attack.

“After the bear left the area, he (the victim) walked to the highway and called a friend for a ride.” states the report.

The man was armed with a gun when he was attacked by the brown bear. However, the bicyclist did not use the weapon during the October 20 attack.

The man sought treatment for his injuries at the Healy Medical Clinic in Cantwell, Alaska. There, the bicyclist was treated for puncture wounds and a laceration.

The bicyclist says he did not notice anything out of the ordinary prior to the attack. However, the bicyclist did spot some bear tracks in the snow prior to his attack.

The victim has stated that he estimates that the bear weighed about five hundred pounds. He believes the bear was alone at the time of the attack.