Massive Cold Front Threatens Midwest with Potentially Devastating Thunderstorms

by Jon D. B.

The aftermath Tropical Cyclone Nicholas is set to bring a harsh cold front through the Midwest, with large hail and isolated tornadoes possible.

From Texas and Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle, Nicholas continues to wreak havoc through flooding. Yet the Midwest is set to suffer an entirely different set of circumstances due to the meteorological monster.

A severe cold front is moving up into the Midwest Thursday, and senior meteorologist for FNC, Janice Dean, cites the possibility of strong thunderstorms as a result.

Within these storms, Midwest residents should expect large hail and damaging winds. In addition, the front will bring heavy rainfall to many areas. Tornadoes are also possible, so be sure to heed any and all local watches and warnings through the week, Outsiders.

Dean cites a dual disturbance over the Atlantic Ocean as possible tropical depressions and storms for the coming days, as well.

Moreover, a disturbance northeast of the Bahamas holds potential to become severe. Thankfully it will remain offshore from the East Coast, Dean continues. This storm system will, however, bring “rough surf and a high rip current risk heading into the weekend,” the meteorologist adds.

Any fallout from these storms is unlikely to reach the Midwest, though. Out at the Northern Rockies, fire weather watches remain in effect. Dry conditions continue to fuel wildfire potential as gusting winds make matters worse.

Cold Front for Midwest, Wildfires for the Coast

While the Midwest isn’t having to contend with the horrific Western Wildfires directly, the threat for these sort of burns to begin is real for the region.

As the Midwest continues to battle a severe drought, the potential for catastrophic wildfires grows. Most notably, the Greenwood fire would rage out of control in northern Minnesota from August into September of 2021. The plumes of smoke were so large that they stood out on satellite smoke detection products, FNC cites.

At the same time, smoke from the Western Wildfires is ravaging the air quality of the Midwest. The catastrophic toll wildfires have taken on California in recent years continues to plume smoke, too. 2020 and 2021, specifically, have seen the largest wildfires in the state’s history.

With the Glass Fire and LNU Lightning Complex Fire included, 2020’s August Complex would become the largest fire to ever burn California. Over 1 million acres would burn, in addition to countless structures and lives. 20201’s Dixie Fire, however, is coming close. As of Thursday, Sept. 16, , over 960,000 have burned.

Be safe out there, Midwestern Outsiders. Heed local weather warnings and stay in the know to take care of yourself and your own. In times like these, that’s all we can do. In the meantime, stick with your fellow Outsiders for all the latest outdoors developments – Midwest and elsewhere.