Massive Crocodile Surprises Fisherman, Eats Bull Shark on the Line

by Michael Freeman

Snagging a bull shark is already something to be excited about as a fisherman, but someone recently got a bit of a surprise. While reeling it in, a massive crocodile decided to snag the shark itself and ate it.

Dan Johnson was fishing near Proserpine, which happens to be around North Queensland, Australia when the crocodile rudely interrupted him. Feeling a big pull on his line, he estimated he snagged a 3.3-foot bull shark. Unfortunately for him, the ruckus attracted a local crocodile who goes by the name “Boofhead.” 7 News Mackay obtained footage of the event and shared it on their official Twitter account.

“A Proserpine angler caught more than he bargained for after accidentally luring a famous local croc. The four metre saltie known as ‘Boofhead’ spotted a bull shark on the end of the line, and couldn’t resist stealing the snack,” the outlet tweeted.

Johnson cut the fishing line to try and release the shark when he saw Boofhead, but it was too late. As you can see, the shark became stranded on the bank, effectively turning it into Boofhead’s snack. Johnson gave 7 News Mackay a recollection of the event, citing his familiarity with Boofhead.

“He’s a bit of a celebrity,” Johnson stated. “This crocodile is always there but it’s not often it takes a fish from you when you’re fishing. I was just sitting there having a fish. I hooked a shark and heard a lot of commotion on the right-hand side of me, and I thought they were saying ‘good job you’ve hooked a good fish’ when they were saying ‘look out’, and then by the time I saw what was going on the croc was coming this way. Then, I thought ‘uh oh’ this is bad.”

Bad for you, but not the Boof.

Terri Irwin Says Her Love was Enough to ‘Last a Lifetime’ with Late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin

While Dan Johnson likely doesn’t have much love for crocodiles, Terri Irwin recently talked about hers. Well, the late “Crocodile Hunter,” Steve Irwin, to be more specific. According to Terri, her love for him was enough to “last a lifetime.”

In fact, according to Yahoo! Lifestyle, Terri Irwin doesn’t plan on falling in love again. “But you know, and I keep saying this, and I think maybe 15 years later people are finally starting to believe me, Steve was it for me. That’s just the way it is,” she said.

Though she has dated since then, her love with Steve was “a big, big love. And it was enough to last a lifetime.” Terri also disclosed it was previously a bit confusing for her friends, as they never knew whether she was over Steve and “looking” again.

Nonetheless, she states she is “very, very, very single” and plans to remain that way.