Plume of Smoke Visible From Space in Massive Fire at Indiana Walmart Warehouse

by Amanda Glover

After an Indiana Walmart warehouse fire, officials realized the smoke was visible from outer space. Thanks to the NOAA GOES-East weather satellite, viewers witnessed smoke plumes blowing north from the fire site in Avon. FOX59 News reports weather personnel witnessed smoke throughout Indiana.

Thankfully, no one suffered injuries during this incident. The Plainfield Fire Territory Chief Brent Anderson reports that all of the roughly 1,000 Walmart employees have been accounted for.

At the moment, it is too early to know what caused the fire or what is burning inside the warehouse.

Courtney Crown, an Indiana investigative reporter, shared a short video of the frightening flames moving towards the sky on Twitter. Her caption reads, “Scene from the fire at the Walmart Distribution Center in Avon. We had to move back after loud booms coming from the scene. Awaiting more details.”

The Walmart warehouse fire in Indiana took place on the third-floor mezzanine of the spacious building. However, it quickly spread, and frightening firefighters. According to Anderson, firefighters quickly evacuated the building and continue fighting the fire defensively. They also believe the fire will likely last into Thursday.

“We’re going to be here for quite some time,” Anderson said. He also stated that firefighters may take as long as 24 hours to fully the flames. Nearly a dozen fire agencies continue working to properly put out the fire. However, while officials work to handle the blaze, Anderson advises that residents to the north of the fire where the smoke plume is drifting must shelter in place. Also, air quality monitoring teams are making their way to the scene. 

Santa Barbara Wildfire Described As ‘Not Typical’ Behavior for March

With the Indiana warehouse fire still underway, the Hollister fire in Santa Barbara also prompts concern. This is because of the upcoming fire season and the continued expansion in dangerous wildfires.

The public information officer with the Santa Barbara County Fire Department, Daniel Bertucelli, discussed the unusual fire on Twitter. He also shared a video of the frightening event and included how residents should take extra precautions.

“Fire Behavior on Hollister Fire. This fire behavior is not typical of a fire in March,” the caption began. “Please be fire aware and limit opportunities for fires to start.”

“All of that valuable rain that we received in December, the benefit of that has come and gone,” Bertucelli said. “Our vegetation has been drying out over the last ten weeks. Now, we’re seeing fires starting throughout the State of California. Specifically in Santa Barbara, they’re burning with a fire behavior that’s more typical of a June fire rather than a March.”

However, although the fire is over halfway contained, KSBY reminded viewers that it’s one of the many fires that took place across California over the weekend.