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Massive Great White Shark, Weighing 1600 Pounds, Circles Off Coast of Florida

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by: Tyson Paul/Loop Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

It’s that time of year again, folks. As the weather gets warmer, more and more folks will head down the coastline to enjoy some time at all of the wonderful beaches scattered across our country’s beautiful coastline. As exciting as it is for beach season to return in America, it is also important to keep one’s eyes peeled this summer. For instance, this week, a massive great white shark that weighed over 1,600 pounds was caught circling the coast of Florida. Over 1,600 pounds, which is a huge great white shark.

Massive Great White Shark Spotted off Florida Coast

OSEARCH, a nonprofit that monitors these developments, was the organization that spotted the huge fish. A cool aspect of this organization is that they tag the sharks and track them when they reach the surface of the water. This 1,600-pound shark is named Scot. In total, the organization says that they have tagged over 74 sharks. What they do is catch them and then release them after putting in an electronic chip to track their movements. The organization says, “Great white sharks are central to the functioning of ecosystems and the maintenance of biodiversity.”

Great white sharks are not endangered species. However, they are just one step above that rating at vulnerable. In fact, the chances of Spring Breakers in Florida coming across the huge beast are quite slim. Less than 10 people are actually killed from a shark attack each year, according to KAKE. The reason folks need to be on the lookout this time of year is because of the sharks’ migration patterns. In the spring and summer is when the sharks move closer to the shoreline and poke their heads above the surface of the water.

Hawaii Man Approached by Great White Shark in Stunning Video

Still, sometimes you might run into a great white shark. You never know. Hawaii-based freediver Deron Verbeck is a diver and a fish photographer. On one of his dives, he came across a great white shark. It’s a video that you have to see to believe. In the video, you can see the shark come up out of nowhere and approach Verbeck.

He wrote for the post, “Ok, here’s the unedited version of my vid that has already been circulating, but I figured some of you may not be able to see it.” He continued, “I was out to shoot some other type of fish in super slo-mo so I had the GoPro set to 120 fps so bare with the gaps and the poor shooting style.”

It is a beautiful shot. It’s not every day, even for a fish diver and photographer, to come in contact with a real great white shark.