Massive Moose Rescued From Mud Hole by Two Canadian Guys Who Thought It Really Wasn’t a ‘Big Deal’

by Kati Michelle

Canadians are known for a lot of things like their superior syrup and famous poutine. Spanning nearly 4 million square miles, the land can also be somewhat lawless. Remember the polar bear that attacked the air force helicopter?

What about the muskie attack? Or the time the Canadian government asked people to stop letting moose lick their cars?

Wildlife is an integral piece of Canada’s rich identity. Moose wander through most of the country’s territories. Although generally docile if left alone, they do entertain conflict if threatened and pack quite the punch (head butt). Still, they are a beloved creature and most locals are happy to peacefully co-exist with them. When these two Canadian men heard a moose was in trouble nearby, they got straight to work. Here’s the scoop.

Moose and Mud Spell Disaster

Move over Dr. Dolittle, dynamic duo Maurice Valliere and Pat Greba are here to save the day. Last Wednesday, the Timmins locals found themselves heading into the thick of the nearby bush, just outside Ontario. The animal lovers received word that a young bull moose somehow stumbled into a massive mud pit and couldn’t get out. They knew they needed to act fast and initially made a call over to the local Ministry of Development, Mines, Natural Resources, and Forestry. Unfortunately, no answer came through the line and they took matters into their own hands. The pair recounted the events of that fateful day with the Canadian Broadcast Corporation.

“It was about three or four miles from my home, so I thought it wouldn’t be much of a job to go over there and try and get him out.” That came from Valliere who also described their arrival to the scene. “[The moose] was buried right up to his head …he was fighting, and fighting, and fighting just to keep his head out of the mud.” With the moose so deeply entrenched in the pit, it almost resembled an Indiana Jones quicksand trap from some of the most iconic stunts of all time.

The Extraction

Despite planning to strap the animal around its waist on the way to the scene, this plan fell through immediately upon arrival. Actually, the young bull’s antlers are the sole reason the moose even had a chance in such a sticky situation. After attaching straps to the antlers, Valliere and Greba relied on the strength of their All-Terrain-Vehicle to complete the extraction.

A few minutes later, the moose found himself freed and able to take his first big breath in who knows how long. Actually, the young bull stayed at the scene to catch his breath for a little while before darting back off to where he belongs. Everything happened so quickly that the moose actually ran off with one of the straps still attached to his head.

Valliere described what went on in his head as it fled. “He scared me so I ran away, and he was stuck with one of the straps hanging there [attached to one set of antlers].”

A friend captured the whole thing and shared a whole album of photos from the rescue to his personal Facebook page. The before and after photos of the moose show just how dire the situation really was: