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Meet the Nonprofit Partnership That Feeds People in Need, Keeps Fisherman Employed

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo by Zhou Haijun/Visual China Group via Getty Images)

Tight times have forced fishermen to come up with new ways to keep up with the seafood market. The seafood market’s changed dramatically in a year of uncertainty. However, thanks to a nonprofit, fishermen have been able to fish and feed those in need.

The non-profit, Catch Together, is an east coast nonprofit. It pays fishermen to do their jobs, plus they give seafood to emergency food relief programs. Catch Together is the brainchild of Catch Invest. The second is another company that supports fishermen with investments.

One Fisherman Shares His Story with Nonprofit ‘Catch Together’

Fisherman and wholesaler Alan Lovewell owns a sustainably caught seafood wholesale company, Real Good Company. He’s located in Monterey Bay, California, and felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on his business earlier this year.

Lovewell found out about Catch Together and is thankful for the services the nonprofit provides. He’s also thankful for the connections the company can make.

“I think what is unique about this program is that it is connecting the need for food, which is significant right now, with a lot of fishermen who are ready willing and able to catch fish and provide that to our community,” said Lovewell.

Before the pandemic, 90% of Monterey Bay caught seafood went to restaurants in San Francisco and San Jose. Additionally, some of the catch was exported to Japan. But those markets have all but dropped off, KSBW reports.

Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust is acquiring a $50,000 grant from Catch Together. The fishery needs the support to get seafood to people’s kitchens.

“We’re just selling as much as we can domestic and local but even then there is fish left on the table at the end of the month,” said commercial fisherman Walter Deyerle.

Furthermore, Deyerle’s put into the program. His fish have been distributed to families in need thanks to Pajaro Valley Loaves and Fish.

The Food Bank for Monterey County, Meals on Wheels of the Monterey Peninsula, Al and Friends are just some of the non-profits receiving and distributing the seafood. The list also includes local restaurants participating in California’s Great Plates Delivered program.

Lovewell hopes the partnership continues beyond the pandemic.