Men Arrested After Allegedly Destroying Dinosaur Tracks

by Megan Molseed

Two men found themselves in quite a bit of hot water this weekend as they exited one of Massachusett’s most protected areas. One that contains some very valuable fossilized dinosaur footprints. The men are facing a variety of charges after digging on the protected Dinosaur Reservation site.

The area is regularly available to the public. However, there are rules that prevent the destruction of the site’s valuable footprints.

According to reports, the Dinosaur Reservation site is accessible to the public off Connecticut’s Route 5. The trail leads to a tilted slab of sandstone. This sandstone, however, holds something unbelievably valuable. It holds the imprints of numerous dinosaur steps.

Protecting the Dinosaur Reservation

On Saturday afternoon, Holyoke Massachusets authorities report that they noted two men walking the stairs that lead to the protected Dinosaur Reservation. Authorities note the two men carried rocks and tools as they exited the remarkable site; which is located along the Connecticut River.

Authorities noted that they approached the men; one of whom is from New Jersey while the other is from New Jersey.

When questioned about their intentions in the area and whether or not the men were disturbing the protected Dinosaur Reservation, the two men claimed that they did not believe they were digging within the protected area.

However, authorities conducted a brief investigation. This revealed that the two men were in fact illegally digging in the Dinosaur Reservation.

Holyoke Police Captain Matthew Moriarty notes that he and his deputies checked the reservation map, to make sure the accusations were correct.

“It appears their digging was on the protected land,” notes the captain.

Each has been charged with vandalism, trespassing, and archeological violation.

Something Special In The Ground

According to the preservation organization taking care of the unique Dinosaur Reservation site, there are over 800 dinosaur footprints located in the eight-acre area.

Discovered in 1802, the unique site contains the footprints of four specific dinosaur types.

Additionally, the area’s trustee organization has noted that some of the footprints discovered on the site are “likely made by ancestors of the great Tyrannosaurus rex.”

This particular dinosaur, the Eubrontes, would grow to be at least 15 feet tall, measuring at least 20 feet long.

200 million years ago, the entire Connecticut River region was covered with shallow lakes and subtropical wetlands. The area is the perfect place to preserve the amazing fossils for millions and millions of years. It has since become widely known for these unique and valuable dinosaur impressions.