Men Drag Shark from Water, Tie It Up for Selfies in Horrible Moment

by Madison Miller

A group of men blatantly and publically disrespected ocean wildlife and it has left outdoor enthusiasts with a sour feeling. A shark had washed up on the shoreline in Adelaide, Australia.

Instead of trying to help the distressed shark, men pulled it out of the water completely by tying a rope to its tail.

Men Take Selfies with Distressed Shark

They then pose for selfies with the ocean predator as it struggles to live.

There were several other onlookers watching from farther away. You can hear one of them shout to the group of men, “Are you going to put it back now?”

The men had left the shark out of the water long enough to put it at extreme risk of death. The onlookers told 9 News that it was clear the shark was having an exceptionally hard time breathing. This same witness said that the incident made her feel “sick to her stomach.”

There were originally people in the water when the animal was spotted. This group of people had warned nearby swimmers to get away, but then their next move was unexpected and alarming to fellow witnesses.

“These men yelling at us saying ‘get out of the water, there’s a shark’, and we sort of ran out thinking they were joking. They eventually hooked it with a rope – they tied it on its tail – and they just had it on the beach, taking photos,” Asha Reilly told the news outlet regarding the entire incident.

It’s unclear if what happened on the beach was entirely legal. While it is legal in Australia to catch and release sharks, it must be ethical and humane. Given the shark was struggling for life, ethical doesn’t seem like an accurate description.

Man Attacked by Several Sharks

Meanwhile, in western Australia, rescuers are on the lookout for a man that was attacked by several sharks. The last known fatal attack in the country was on September 5 in New South Wales.

According to ABC News, there were several teenagers that were on a boat at Port Beach in Perth. From the boat, they said that they had supposedly witnessed a shark attack. The two quickly told others to exit the water and altered emergency services. The quick action from these teens potentially saved others from a shark attack.

The attack allegedly involved more than one shark, as well. Witnesses said a White shark and a Tiger shark were seen swimming in the water.

As of now, authorities are looking for the 57-year-old man that was attacked by these ocean predators. He was apparently a regular at the beach and rescuers will continue to look for him through today.

Beaches will stay closed during the ongoing search.