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Photos of a Mini Great White Shark Get Posted Online and These Are Terrifying

by Jacklyn Krol
mini great white shark viral
Gerald Schömbs, Unsplash

Social media has discovered the “Mini Great White Shark” and have a lot of opinions about it.

Social Media Reactions

Twitter user @mybelovedghost seemingly created the trending topic in July. “Just found out there is a species of mini great white sharks called salmon sharks and I think everyone should see this,” they wrote.

Additionally, reddit has entire thread about this magnificent creature.


All About the Mini Great White Shark

The “mini Great White Shark” is actually a salmon shark. While some people find the species of shark terrifying, others find it simply adorable.

The salmon shark (Lamna ditropis) is a unique species of sharks in the mackerel shark family. They live in the North Pacific Ocean from Japan to Alaska. They’re endothermic creatures, generating their own internal heat. They can even maintain their stomach temperature, which is rare among sealife.

The average salmon shark weighs between 250-400 pounds. The largest recorded salmon shark was 992 pounds. They grow to roughly half 7-9 feet long. It’s easy to mistake these for a juvenile great white shark, but there are differences between the two.

The salmon shark’s jaw is more narrow with an overall shorter snout. It also has secondary keels on the caudal base, which the great white does not have.

According to The Florida Museum, the easiest way to distinguish the salmon shark from a great white is their colorations. The salmon shark’s snout area that is close to the mouth is dark. Their underbelly is mostly white with blotches of gray (for adults.)

The salmon shark’s diet consists of salmon, sablefish, gadids, rockfish, herring, and squid. They have numerous rows of sharp teeth that are half-inch long.

Salmon Shark Genders and Birth

Females live up to 20 years while males live up to 27 years. However, females and males do not mix their groups aside from the breeding season in summer/autumn. When mating, the male shark bites the female’s head.

The salmon shark’s gestation period is roughly nine months long. Each liter contains 2-5 embryos on average. The sharks do not have placentas and the mothers give birth to live young. The unfertilized eggs are consumed by the fertilized embryos inside the females.

The females give birth in the springtime. “Baby great white sharks” average between 2.8 and 3.1 feet long at birth.