Minnesota Angler Hilariously Trash Talks Fishing Buddy by Taking Out Billboard

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by: Jeffrey Greenberg/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

One Minnesota angler used a billboard to trash talk his fishing buddy for five days, telling everybody that his buddy couldn’t fish.

Yep, that was back when gas was cheaper than the current price. This sign started up back in early February.

The Duluth Tribune reported on the electronic billboard posting near Brainerd. The LED lights often rotated to the purchased sign with the buddy’s picture, saying, “This is Troy. He sucks at fishing.” 

All it cost David Vee was about $300. The trash-talking sign ran five days. 

Additionally, the town hosted a fishing tournament that same weekend. Vee said nearly 20,000 visitors found out that Troy sucks at fishing. There’s no hint of Troy’s last name, but his picture’s there.

Sign’s Origin Comes From Annual Fishing Trip

A group of friends near the Minnesota town takes a regular fishing trip. Vee said the men have a tradition of “smack talking” each other around the billboard’s subject. 

“He’s been less than successful in previous trips,” Vee told the newspaper.

One story involves Troy and another friend named Chappie. Vee explained that Chappie had a rough night and slept most of the day. Troy worked through the day to catch one fish. Chappie woke up, cast his line, caught a fish. The man then rubbed the fish in his friend’s face and went back to sleep.

Another smack-talking episode involved a video with actor Christoper McDonald of Happy Gilmore fame.

The video addresses Troy somehow.

“Hey Dave, Tom, Chappie, Clint, this is Shooter McGavin here. You guys really think you’re going to beat Troy on your ice fishing trip this year?” McDonald said in the video, ending with a hearty laugh.

“(He) sent it out just randomly, and I’m like, well I got to respond to him,” Vee told the newspaper.

Billboard Takes Trash Talk To New Heights

The billboard, however, seemed to be brilliant. The friends created an email address to go with the sign.

“This is Troy. He sucks at fishing. Talk smack to him at [email protected]

Vee told the newspaper that “Troysucks and Troysucks1 were already taken.” 

A flood of emails came into the account. Some gave advice, while others offered lessons. Even a few more added to the smack talk. 

The newspaper published one response that said, “Not all of us can be men and provide for our families.”.

Vee said a few were “completely savage,” with one using a foul word.

What’s A Billboard Among Friends

Despite all the smack talk, Vee honestly admitted Troy was a “fine fisherman.” The problem, however, is Troy’s lousy luck.

Troy rolled with the punches too. The men videoed Troy reacting to the billboard with joy and pointing to the sign with both hands.

Next year, Vee anticipates Troy will one-up his friends’ prank. He joked he would wear a helmet on the trip, thinking his good friend and fishing pal would exact some revenge.