Missing Hiker Was ‘Taking a Break’ From Boyfriend When She Disappeared

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Thomas Barwick/ Getty Images)

Nearly two months ago, British hiker Esther Dingley went missing while hiking in the Pyrenees mountains. Her location is still unknown.

Dingley, 37, said that she went on the hike to “take a break” from her boyfriend, after the two were having issues. She was last seen on November 22, while summiting Pic de Sauvegarde, a mountain between Spain and France.

Dan Colegate, Dingley’s boyfriend of 19 years, said he thinks foul-play was involved and claims the two’s relationship was doing well.

“The fact no trace was found – and given the specifics of the weather, terrain, and location – I lean towards somebody else being involved, even though that raises its own questions.”

Hiker Met Esther Dingley Days Before Disappearance

Spanish hiker Laura Adomaityte met Dinley while hiking a few days before November 22. She reported on her emotional and physical appearance.

“When you’re not 100 percent okay with your partner, you’re not going to be totally balanced emotionally,” said Adomaityte. “Esther said they were taking a break and didn’t know if they were going to get back together again.”

On the other hand, Adomaityte said she wasn’t concerned with Dingley’s mental state at the time.

“She didn’t seem desperate to me, but the last time we spoke was about a week before she went missing, and in that space of time, a person can have a lot of highs and lows.”

Laura Adomaityte also added that she is aiding the search in any way she could.

“I spoke to the Spanish police two days after she was reported missing and told them everything I knew. The British police called me last month after the Civil Guard rang me back to ask if they could pass on my number to them. They wanted to know my opinion about how well prepared Esther had been in terms of the equipment she was carrying and the shape she was in physically as well as how she was emotional.”

However, Adomaityte did mention the minimal amount of food Dingley packed for the hike on the pair’s last day together.

“Esther only took dried oats, a red pepper, and small lettuce. I ended up sharing the food I’d taken for myself when we reached a refuge for the night, which included a can of tuna and potatoes we heated up in the evening and an apple the following morning.”

Loving Messages

One of Dingley’s last text messages to Colegate before her disappearance was loving, however.

“I’m on a col/peak, so can’t stop for too long. I can’t wait to read all your messages. Love you very much XXX having a really good time.”

Search efforts for the hiker continue, although the outcome is not looking good as the number of volunteers has depleted. Officials report that there has been no evidence or any sign of Esther Dingley.

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