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Missouri Dollar Store Customers Coax Deer Out of Aisles: VIDEO

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by Patrick Pleul/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Hey, no one said a deer doesn’t need anything from the Dollar Store, too.

In a recent Twitter video from NowThis, a cute coffee-colored fawn charged from aisle to aisle in a Missouri dollar store.

“I happened to be in the right place at the right time.” Shopper Cynthia Gallagher said, who shot the cell phone footage of the event.

People flooded the comment section with puns and sarcastic jokes. One jokester said, “The deer wasn’t happy with dollar store price increase.” Yeah, neither are the rest of us.

However, the store’s customers managed to lead the energetic animal out the door and hopefully back to its family.

Thank you, Missouri Dollar store customers. They helped a scared animal find its way back to the outdoors. We only hope she was able to get back to the woods to proudly be a deer.

Whitetail Deer in Alabama Confirmed Positive for Chronic Wasting Disease

According to Alabama officials, a hunter’s whitetail deer was confirmed to have Chronic Wasting Disease. This is the state’s first confirmed case.

Although officials have a plan to fight the spread of the fatal disease, the state joins 27 other states and three Canadian provinces to claim cases of the disease. Since 1981, this plague has spread across the nation.

According to Outdoor Life, on Jan. 7, an announcement said Alabama expected something like this to happen since it’s close to Mississippi and Tennessee. However, officials have dealt with outbreaks in those states since 2018. The website confirmed the disease in eight western Tennessee counties and seven northern Mississippi counties.

Pennsylvania Family Adopt Strange-Looking Deer

A Pennsylvania family adopted an odd-looking whitetail deer a few years ago.

Eleven years ago, Ralph Petricone and Renee Winslow adopted a special piebald whitetail through a petting zoo. The strange yet beautiful animal with brown and white markings and a pink nose caught Winslow’s attention.

After getting the proper authorization from the state to become deer owners, Winslow and Petricone brought the deer home and named it Pie. Today, the couple are still parents to Pie, as well as five other deer!

“They are all very gentle. You can pet every one of them; they’ll come up. The grandkids love them. They can put their arms around their heads,” said Petricone.