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Missouri Hunter Takes Down Monster 22-Point Buck, Gets Massive Offers for Antlers

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by: Dennis Fast / VWPics/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

The dates for deer hunting season range across the United States. However, as we plunge further into fall, more and more Outsiders nationally head out to blinds and tree stands, anxious to bring home game. And perhaps a trophy buck or two.

Now, we look forward to seeing hunters’ most interesting, exciting, and unique bags of the year. Most recently, one Missouri hunter took down one monster 22-point non-typical buck. The massive creature itself is impressive. Although, the lucky outdoorsman, Independence, MO resident Justin Gilmore is already getting insane offers for the buck’s antlers.

Nevertheless, in order to bag such an impressive beast, Gilmore’s hunt was not an easy one. His admirable patience allowed the hunter to, finally, loose a shot on the deer. According to the Springfield News-Leader, the MO hunter actually had no clue that his family’s 42-acre property was home to such a unique buck. He shared with the outlet that, for months, he had trail cams set across the property, though the only shot of the buck came way back in June. Besides the single photographic shot, trail cams offered no further proof of the animal’s existence.

Regardless, Gilmore took incredible measures in luring the deer in before taking the shot. He heard the animal before he saw it, picking up on a buck grunt signaling the deer’s location. After the deer spent long moments in the shadows, the hunter took aim and fired.

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Fortunately, Gilmore had the help from his uncle and cousin to carry it out of the woods. In scouting the creature’s location following his shot, the outlet stated the MO hunter spent more than an hour inspecting the 22-pointer. During which, he took photos, all the while just processing the moment.

As he approached the deer, Gilmore thought, “This is a once in a lifetime buck…We’ve been out there for thirteen years, and we’ve never seen one like this. I’m thinking wow, this is unique as can be.”

No doubt about that–the non-typical buck would have actually possessed an even more noteworthy 24 points, however, two of its points had broken off.

As to the creature’s value, Gilmore saw some impressive offers for the animal’s unique rack. He stated, “I actually had a guy offer me like $2,000 for the antlers. Everybody that I’ve talked to, they’re like, ‘I’ve never seen anything like that.'”

Gilmore never revealed whether or not he was accepting offers for the rack, although after such a memorable hunt, I’m not sure many hunters would part with the trophy.

Nevertheless, the Missouri Department of Conservation said many factors could contribute to the animal’s size, as well as its unique pair of antlers. They cited the buck’s genetics, nutrition, and age as a few possible explanations, although those were, by far, only a handful of factors.