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Missouri Man Charged with 32 Alaskan Hunting and Fishing Misdemeanors

by Will Shepard
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A Missouri man named Valenten Shevchenko, is facing 32 misdemeanor counts in Alaska. These misdemeanors are for making false statements or omissions on Alaska’s Department of Fish and Game applications.

Shevchenko has been hunting illegally like this for six years, since 2014. The Missouri man is being held for hunting and fishing illegally for six years.

Consequently, Shevchenko is facing two counts of hunting without a license. Additionally, he has been hunting with nonresident, big game tags, which is illegal and accounts for two other charges.

These are serious charges for anyone who isn’t a passionate hunter. It is incredibly disrespectful to forgo the proper forums to hunt. Someone might be in a situation where they are unaware of a certain regulation and end up being charged with a single misdemeanor count. But 32 counts is downright amazing.

Although he is originally from Missouri, he has an active Alaska driver’s license. Which only serves to make these charges all the more baffling.

According to findings from Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, the Missouri man has been using both his Missouri and Alaska residencies to gain benefits. He has been doing this for 6 years now and finally has been caught.

While in Alaska, the Missouri man began illegally obtaining residence hunting tags. These tags include the ability to hunt for sheep, caribou, elk, black bears, moose, and grizzly bears. In fact, he has been reportedly doing this since 2016.

Missouri Man Doing Countless Things Wrong

It is important to note that in order to classify as an Alaska resident for hunting, there are several qualifications. First, a person must be present in the state to get a license.

Second, that person must remain in the state with intentions of making Alaska home. Next, the person must maintain a residence for 12 consecutive months.

Most importantly though, someone who is becoming a resident of Alaska cannot maintain a residency in another state. The Missouri man qualifies for none of those despite having an Alaska driver’s license.

Recently, Shevchenko was on a hunt for moose and caribou. The hunt was successful, and as a result, the participants kept some meat. Shevchenko did so illegally though. As per the Alaska Fish and Game, only residents can keep meat from those hunts.

Additionally, the Missouri man somehow holds a commercial fishing crew license. This also is illegal for a nonresident.

Not only has he been doing this in Alaska, but also back home in Missouri.

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