Mom Posts Horrific Photos After 3-Year-Old Daughter Attacked by Coyote

by Megan Molseed

“It was as if the bogeyman had come to life,” recalled a south London mother of a horrifying moment that occurred during a recent vacation to the United States. Megan and Michael Lewis were vacationing with their daughters in Cape Cod last month. However, the dream vacation would soon be ending in tragedy. The family was enjoying the evening watching a gorgeous Cape Cod sunset when Megan’s youngest daughter, three-year-old Elodie, was viciously attacked by a wild coyote.

The mother recalls how each moment up until the vicious coyote attack was was one of sheer enjoyment. But at the leap of the wolf-like animal, their family time changed in an instant.

“We were lying on a blanket looking at the stars,” the mother recalled of the August 11 event. “When it grabbed her from behind and she screamed.”

A Horrifying Attack

“She was about five feet away from us and it came up behind her and grabbed her around the neck,” Megan continues on the GoFundMe page. The fundraising site was developed to help the family absorb the cost of Elodie’s subsequent surgeries.

“Michael picked her up and the coyote stalked us up the beach, through the seagrass,” Megan said of the horrific moment. “It was staring at me and she was covered in blood.”

“She had puncture wounds to the back of her neck and skull, a puncture wound and laceration to her left cheek,” the mother said of little Elodie. “A laceration to her ear which was mutilated as well as scratch marks along her neck.”

Elodie was raced to the hospital by ambulance, where she was treated for her injuries.

It took approximately an hour and a half to fully suture Elodies injuries. The three-year-old also had to suffer through two doses of the rabies vaccine as well as multiple rounds of antibiotics.

Rangers were able to locate the coyote, and thankfully, the animal tested negative for rabies. Because of the negative result, little Elodie is spared a painful course of rabies treatments.

Megan said that Elodie’s physical wounds are healing, but the deeper, emotional wounds will take longer to repair.

“Elodie’s school has been amazing,” said Megan adding that they have provided a therapist if needed. “I am going to start therapy soon to help with flashbacks.”

A Strong Support System Helped Girl Survive Coyote Attack

Megan added that she is still carrying some guilt over what happened to her daughter that summer evening. However, she knows that her family was lucky to have been able to respond as quickly as they did.

“We feel so lucky that God was watching our little one,” said the mother. “If we hadn’t been with my mom we wouldn’t have been able to call 911.”

As far as the family is concerned, for each thing that went horribly wrong that evening, so many other pieces went right.

“If her sister Eve had been there as well it would have been even more traumatic,” Megan added. “If the coyote had bit Elodie a few inches over on her neck this story would have had a completely different ending.”