Mom Taking Son on First Deer Hunt Bags Monster 16-Point Louisiana Buck

by Michael Freeman

Everyone remembers their first hunt, whether they’re successful or not. A young hunter in Louisiana certainly will, especially considering his mom accompanied him and the two managed to bag a monstrous 16-point buck.

Kendra Menard took her 6-year-old son Cooper hunting for his first buck in early December, Outdoor Life reports. The mother-son duo headed to a 1,000-acre property to hunt in central Louisiana. They eventually saw small bucks that regularly stroll through the property, but decided to wait for a better opportunity. Luckily, they didn’t have to wait long and Kendra saw a buck she recognized from trail camera photos. She took the shot and after extensive tracking, finally secured the deer.

Kendra told the outlet she started joining hunts with her father when she was three. Not missing a season since then, she decided Cooper could begin doing the same.

What began as an early-day endeavor turned into much more. When Kendra shot the buck, she waited until dark and her father to come to track the deer. They found the spot Kendra shot at, but found no blood. Discouraged at first, they returned to camp for dinner but came back with their tracking dog, Boss. Though there wasn’t any blood, Boss managed to track the buck down.

“If it wasn’t for the nose of that dog, Boss, we never would have found him,” Kendra says. “The bullet didn’t exit the deer. It was between the cavity and hide when we skinned him.”

Not only was the buck roughly 200 pounds and possessed 16 points, but it also turns out Kendra had been hunting it for years.

Louisiana Hunter Scores Huge Buck From His Own Back Porch

The Kendra family had their work cut out for them, taking nearly a whole day to track down a buck. Another Louisiana hunter had it a little easier, snagging a buck from the comfort of his own back porch.

Ross Wigginton discovered hunting leases along the Mississippi River were quite expensive. Luckily, his property is along the delta area of the river which is known for its thriving whitetail deer population. To save on funds and trouble, he put trail cameras and deer corn around his property. Before long, deer started visiting. One morning, Wigginton got up early to hunt and sat on a chair outside his porch when a buck showed up. Not letting the opportunity pass him by, Wigginton took the shot.

“The first thing I did was go wake up my wife, told her what I had done and we celebrated a bit,” he told the Louisiana Sportsman. “I dragged the buck to the levee and backed my truck up so I could slide him in. There was no way I would have been able otherwise to load him up because of the size. He weighed 270 pounds.”