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Monster 12-Foot Alligator Discovered Inside Newly Built Florida Home

by Megan Molseed
Getty Images

One Florida home that is under construction wasn’t quite move-in-ready as an unexpected visitor took over the location. This newly-built waterside home offers a buyer quite the layout – with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. And, the site’s construction supervisor Matthew Goodwin notes, the Southwest Florida property had an unusual addition recently when a massive alligator snuck inside.

A Massive Florida Alligator Makes Itself Right At Home In A Southwest Florida Property

A video shared recently shows a monster alligator as it’s hanging out inside a Florida home earlier this month. The 12-foot long gator decided the Charlotte County Florida house was a good place to find some shade, it seems. And, the gator found itself to be so at home there, that special crews had to be called to remove the animal from the property. Check out the unbelievable footage here.

“The window blind installer located the gator before everyone arrived,” notes Matthew Goodwin, the home’s construction supervisor.

“He then told the construction manager David Davis,” Goodwin explains. “And he in turn, called me over.”

Goodwin remembers how at first he didn’t think anything would be so emergent to bring him to this particular property on that day. After all, he had a whole list of tasks and projects at many other properties to get to. But, Goodwin says, he soon learned that there was an emergency. A 12-foot long one, to be exact!

“I was busy and didn’t want to go, it was Monday,” Goodwin recalls.

“He stated this is more important than what I was doing and to get over here,” the construction supervisor recalls. “I go look in my house and there was the 12-foot gator!”

The Alligator Wasn’t Quite Ready to Leave This Waterside Florida Property

Once crews were called to remove the gator from the home, which is nearing the end of its construction phase, it became clear that removing the animal was not going to be an easy task. First, Goodwin notes, the doors of the home had to be removed.

The video depicts the moment Goodwin’s crews remove the glass doors from the property as the gator sits inside the property, just a few feet away. Once the doors are removed, the crews trap the gator, beginning the arduous task of pulling the animal out of the room and into the yard. The gator is not happy with these events and gives the crews quite the struggle. However, the reptile is soon pulled from the home. But, the fight is only just beginning.

The alligator has no desire to go to wherever he is being pulled. And soon, the gator digs in, making it even harder to pull the humongous gator away from the property. It’s an almost hilarious moment as the animal goes almost flat, digging its legs in and leaving trails behind as the group continues to pull. According to Goodwin, this little visit caused around $2,000 to $3000 of damage to the home.