Monster Moose Comes Within Inches of Terrified Hikers in Dangerous Encounter Caught on Camera

by Jon D. B.

Holy cow: Watch as this enormous female moose struts directly up to wary hikers, displaying aggressive warning signs as she does.

Look at the sheer size of this moose. And she doesn’t even have antlers like her male counterparts!

Outsiders know it, but it always bears repeating: Moose are not only enormous, but incredibly dangerous animals, as well. The species is responsible for far more injuries than black and brown bears combined. In fact, a classic 2011 CBS news report made the public acutely aware of this.

So when this cow moose came strutting up to a couple of college students, they knew she meant business. UCLA student Riley says she took her friend and fellow uni. mate Hugh Carpenter on his “first trip to Colorado.” And as their Instagram footage shows, Hugh got his money’s worth:

As Hugh films the ordeal, the cow moose struts down their chosen hiking path displaying several behavioral clues that she’s not interested in them sharing her forest. She takes hard, deliberate steps into frame – then throws her ears back. This is, in short, moose language for “it’s on.”

At this point, Hugh pans over to Riley, who’s behind him. Both have scaled a small cliffside off the trail to escape the moose’s path. A wise choice, all things considered!

Thankfully, the cow moose decides against charging after Hugh makes a slight movement in her direction. With that, she high-tails it back down the trail she came from. Crisis averted.

Mammoth Megafauna: What’s in a Moose?

It can be hard for some to wrap their minds around, but whether an animal is a herbivore or carnivore makes no difference to whether they’re dangerous or not. Megafauna like moose and elk, while plant munchers, injure more people than their carnivorous predatorial counterparts (think wolves and grizzly bears) every single year.

So make no mistake, moose are incredibly dangerous! Cow moose like the one above are especially deadly during calving season, when they’ll do anything to protect their young. As for the bulls come rut in early fall, well, best not be anywhere near the mating game.

While herbivorous megafauna don’t prey on humans, their sheer size is what makes them truly terrifying. To put things into perspective, a fully-grown cow moose like the one above can weigh in at 800-pounds or more. Bulls can surpass 1,000-pounds. These are average weights, too. The largest moose ever recorded was pushing 2,000-pounds. And this is to say nothing of their height.

At the shoulder, moose can tower a staggering 7-foot-tall. Then, raise the head and antlers of the same breadth and you’ve got a 10-foot-tall behemoth on your hands hooves.

If you find yourself in the same situation as Hugh and Riley, fellow Outsiders, don’t panic, shout, or throw things. Moose are moody, and this has proven to lead to attacks. Instead, as says: “Talk calmly, and back away. Give him about 50 feet of personal space.”