Montana Governor Seeks Expedited Presidential Disaster Declaration After Historic Flooding

by Jonathan Howard

Things in Montana are not going well. Historic flooding has caused roads to wash out, and the governor is now looking for an expedited disaster declaration. Governor Greg Gianforte’s office is hoping that President Biden will be sending aid quickly. The south-central part of the state has been devastated by the flood waters.

If the request is granted, more federal funding will be able to flow into the disaster area where it is needed. Once the funds are secured, the state is wanting to repair damaged infrastructure. The flooding has impacted the public water and sewer systems as well as damages to the power grid, roads, and important facilities.

Yellowstone National Park has had to close in the aftermath of the flooding. Roads washed out going into the park and there has been substantial damage throughout the area. When a state makes a request like this, they have to pick out what areas are most in need.

Governor Gianforte’s office and Lt. Governor Kristen Juras highlighted the damage in Stillwater, Carbon, and Park counties. In those areas, evacuations have been made. Homes, roads, and bridges have been destroyed or damaged. Water supply issues are still ongoing.

Juras was the one was signed the declaration, she was also at Red Lodge on Tuesday this week, to take in the damage from the floods.

At the moment, Gianforte is not in Montana. While the floods hit the state, he was on an out-of-the-country trip with his wife at an unknown location. However, there has been word that the governor will return to the state early. His office declared a state of emergency on Tuesday and now will wait for federal funds to come so they can begin the repair work that is needed.

Montana Governor Declares State of Emergency From Out of the Country

In response to the unprecedented flooding, Gov. Gianforte’s office put out several statements and has been keeping up to date on what is going on on the ground. In a statement that came out Tuesday during the state of emergency declaration, Montana’s governor listed the reasons why they needed the emergency declaration. Among the reasons listed were, “severe flooding that is destroying homes, washing away roads and bridges, and leaving Montanans without power and water services.”

Seeing photos from Yellowstone National Park and other areas in the state has been heartbreaking. Montana is one of the best pieces of country in the United States. With some of the most fragile wildlife, the state is going to need help with all kinds of damage. Homes and services have been ruined, and hopefully, federal funding is soon on the way.

Right now, a lot of the damage is still being assessed. Work will be underway soon to repair the communities that need it.