Monte the Singing Donkey Serenades His Way Into Viral Fame: WATCH

by Amy Myers

A musical donkey and his mom from Conroe, Texas are stealing the hearts of viewers across TikTok with their touching and hilarious relationship. Monte, also known as “Monte the Singing Donkey” on his channel, is a vocal, 28-year-old pet who loves his people almost as much as he loves meal time.

Monte’s rise to fame first began when his mom, Pinky Ruggles, adopted him just two years ago from Texas Miracle Ranch, a rescue that houses more than 400 animals in need. Monte’s age, small stature and low-key personality made him less than the first choice for most rescuers, but Ruggles, 37, saw something special in the donkey.

At first, Monte was pretty quiet and didn’t interact much with his human family.

“He wasn’t the rush over to see what you’re doing type,” Ruggles told the Houston Chronicle. “He just wasn’t what everyone always wants a donkey to be.”

But as with most rescue animals, Monte just needed an adjustment period to acclimate to his new owners and environment. Once he began to feel comfortable, he finally let his personality shine through. And with it came his unique voice.

“He started braying and I was like, ‘What the hell?’ I mean, he looked just as confused as I did. I don’t know if he’d ever made noise before. We have no clue,” exclaimed Ruggles.

Listen to one of Monte’s daily performances below.

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Rescued Donkey Always Sings a Tune at Feeding Time

Since debuting on TikTok, Monte has gained plenty of loyal followers and racked up a whopping 13 million viewers for one of his videos. Now, his fans look forward to morning and evening feeding times, when Monte reminds Ruggles of her caretaking duties.

Each time, he sings the same tune. Ruggles will greet him in the morning and he’ll begin with one impossible long vibrato of a bray. Then he’ll finish out his song with a few short hee-haws. Afterward, he’ll happily follow his mom to his food pale and do it all over again in the afternoon.

And from the enthusiasm Ruggles meets him with, she clearly never tires of his performances. In fact, she even entices him for an encore sometimes.

On top of making sure her donkey eats well, the 37-year-old fur mom also makes sure Monte stays bug-free. Frequently, the hooved family member will appear in pink fly guards and a mesh headcover to keep the biting flies and other insects from bothering his skin.

Clearly, both Monte and Ruggles lucked out when they found each other.