Moose Charges at Alaskan Snowmobiler in Wild Footage

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Helen H. Richardson/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

You have to keep your eyes peeled when you’re out in the great outdoors. For instance, you might find yourself on a snowmobile in Alaska when you encounter an angry moose. No, seriously, as this Alaskan snowmobiler caught on video a moose as he charges at him in some really wild footage.

The caption read, “Sometimes it’s hard to do, we can only do our best and be prepared. About a month ago I read in the news about the dog musher whose sled dog team was trampled on a trail by an aggressive moose. With the 4ft of new snow in the last week, we knew our trail was going to be occupied with some locals. We were right. All of the moose we encountered were more than willing to share the trail as we traveled. Your chances of any moose being aggressive and aggravated are always high.”

Aggressive moose is something you have to look out for when one is out and about in Alaska. The trails are occupied by a lot of them. However, every now and then you might run into a moose who is not exactly the happiest to see you.

What Happened with Moose Who Charged Snowmobiler

The note continued, “In any other scenario we would’ve broke trail and gone around this guy, however, this time we were towing two heavy sleds with equipment for the cabin. Veering off trail was not an option. We took time and space between this young guy, but he kept closing in on us and standing his ground. We couldn’t back up, but could only holler and try to encourage him to continue on his way. When the moose turned and charged, Bret drew his pistol in our defense. It would only take a second for a moose hoof to come straight over that windshield into our faces. Luckily this young guy was smart enough that when he touched the snow machine he knew better and took off. “

They were trapped in a way. He was not going to leave them alone. You see in the video the moose charging them on their snowmobile. However, thankfully, they had a pistol on them to protect themselves. Eventually, it got scared and ran off the closer it got.

The note concluded, “We love our moose population and seeing good numbers. Using snow machine trails gives these animals a fighting chance in these conditions. I hope this guy grows up big and strong. In the outdoors, it’s important to understand and recognize animal behavior and always carry some sort of protection in the field.”

You just never know when you are out hiking the trails.