Moose Destroys Car in Collision and Walks Off Like a Champ

by Matthew Memrick

In a battle between moose and man, a Utah moose took an early-morning pickup truck hit and walked off like a champ this past Saturday. 

Per police, the wild animal “had already got up and walked away” didn’t stick around for the report, nobody got hurt, and the animal won’t face hit-and-run charges if found.

But seriously, folks. According to the Park City Record, this Park City moose did some significant damage to a Toyota Tacoma.

The truck blocked the road, and police department photos show a severely bent hood from the aftermath.

According to Utah wildlife officials, there are between 2,500 and 3,000 moose in the Beehive State. Moose live in northern and northeastern parts of the Wasatch Front and near several populated areas.

With more moose coming to town, it’s important to remember how to handle the wild animal. Just don’t.

A charging moose means you’ve got to hide in front of a tree or find a car or building for cover. If, for some reason, you can’t hide, curl into a ball and cover your head. When the animal moves on, you can hightail it out of there. 

Early Morning Moose is No Bueno

A report of the wreck came at 7:07 a.m. south of Old Town in the city.

The driver was driving uphill when the moose “stepped out into the road” before the crash. Insurance agents will likely look at the front end of the truck and write the check in a hot minute.

Interestingly enough, Park City police took video of the Marsan Avenue area and warned drivers of commercial vehicle enforcement in August. Authorities released the moose-damaged truck photo to the local newspaper.

Nature Invading Utah City?

Police said while accidents with deer are more common in the area, driver-moose collisions are not typical.

Recently, authorities say numerous wildlife sightings have come into view, including moose, elk, and deer in the city. A moose and a dog made contact, and someone spotted an elk herd at a nearby farm.

Residents also called in six other October incidents. On Sunday, an injured deer left the scene of a restaurant. Police noted it was in pain and needed to be put down

Last week, police noted two other deer in car accidents. While Friday’s deer was already deceased, a deer on Wednesday survived a Toyota 4Runner collision and escaped back into nature. Also, police got calls about two groups of elk herds. One herd attracted car gawkers. 

WMOC: Wild Moose On Campus?

A Weber State University driver hit a moose in September, and the moose’s injuries resulted in authorities putting it down.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the animal wandered onto campus and ran into a street when a car hit the massive animal. 

A group of law enforcement officials, including Weber State security officers, the Ogden Police Department, and Utah’s Division of Wildlife, had tried to get the big animal to turn around and go home before the accident.