Moose ‘Looking for Love’ Hits Car in New England Downtown and Just Has a Really Rough Day: VIDEO

by Jon D. B.

We’ve all had those days. This poor lovestruck moose, however, takes the cake. Watch his journey unfold as he takes wild rut to the streets of Worcester.

We humans are still working on the whole coexisting with our fellow nature thing. As Yellowstone National Park Ranger Tara Ross tells Outsider, there’s an “unreal danger” to rut season. Especially in communities shared with megafauna. When fall rolls in, mating season comes about for cervids like moose. And any village, city, or town with these giants in proximity knows there are few sights more terrifying than a hormonal bull.

“I look in my rearview, and there’s a moose that just literally ran right behind my car,” Casey Thomas tells NBC Boston. Thomas’ close encounter of the moose kind came Wednesday morning after dropping her daughter at her Worcester, MA school bus stop.

“I called 911 this morning and I was like, ‘Hey, there’s a moose, it looks freaking huge!'” she continues. Good call!

Alongside Thomas, the reports came stampeding in. Worcester DPW employee, Dan Antonucci, immediately began trying to warn people. “Get out of the way,” he told residents because the moose was absolutely in “panic mode.”

Antonucci and his fellow Worcester DPW worker would then record intense footage of the bull moose. Within, we see the giant waltzing straight into downtown May Street.

Not the best place to find a mate, poor guy.

Confused Moose Looks for Love in All the Wrong Places

“He hit a car, spun around, got up and took right back off, started jumping fences. It was pretty wild,” Antonucci adds. “He cracked the windows of the car and dented the door and made the car – the car almost went off the road.”

Thankfully, no Worcester drivers were injured. Yet all those in the bull’s path wound up beyond shaken up.

The moose mayhem continued on into the day, until Environmental Police were able to corner the bull in a King Street backyard. There, homeowner Desire Rivera would watch his chaotic capture for relocation unfold.

“I scared, not too much, but I scared,” Rivera tells the outlet after letting out a few warranted wild screams.

In her yard, the poor moose’s lovestruck loitering would come to an end. Authorities were able to tranquilize the big fella, bringing sighs of relief to Rivera and her neighbors.

“We’re fortunate that we could get it contained in a safe spot where we could immobilize it,” cites Sgt. Bill Woytek of Massachusetts Environmental Police. “Each of us got a dart into it and then within five minutes it was on the ground.”

Even unconscious, however, the bull’s journey wasn’t over. Officials had to bring in a front-loader just to get the 700-pound moose out of the backyard. They estimate him to be around 4 or 5-years-old, and in prime shape for mating.

“It’s breeding season right now,” Woytek adds. “I’ll say it – it’s looking for love in the wrong spot.”

And don’t worry, Outsiders, this rutting renegade escaped his One Bad Day in Worcester with but minor scrapes and bruises.