Moose on the Loose in Canada Crashes Through School Window

by Matthew Memrick

A moose got loose, breaking through the window of a Canadian school on Thursday morning, and a few kids even witnessed the animal.

PD & Morning Show host Pat Dubois got a hold of photos of the frightened moose getting into a Saskatoon public school. Another parent caught the female on video and posted it to Facebook.

Canada’s Global News reported on the crazy incident.

Early Morning Mess

A scared moose ended up in the first-floor classroom at Sylvia Fedoruk School in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

Conservation Officer Service officials got calls about the animal in the area at 5:30 a.m. They said the moose, probably 6 feet tall, ran toward the school after getting scared by dogs or other pets. 

Inspector Steve Dobko told the Global News website that it “obviously panicked and went through a glass window.” 

Dobko said he thought children were in the classroom when the moose went through it. He said the school’s community entrance hosted kids as parents dropped them off in the morning.

One parent, Ashley Young, witnessed the animal and even took video of it as it stood shocked in the classroom. 

“It’s not every day your kid yells, ‘mom, there is a moose in the school,’ and not be sh—— you!” Young said via Facebook. “Poor thing went right through the front window, quite the exciting morning!”

Dobko did not hear if anyone needed a hospital visit, but some suffered cuts and scrapes from the glass when the moose came in. He said students and adults went to another safe room in the back of the school.

As for the kids, they’ll have a story to tell of their frightening experience.

Authorities Handle Moose 

Dobko and the police came up with a plan for the animal. It suffered “substantial” injuries before they tranquilized it and will reloacte it to the woods at some point.  

Officials have removed eight from the city over the years. Dobko said this year, officials have only removed two moose.

While Saskatoon has many green spaces, this giant animal can get stressed in areas with lots of people. As of 2016, the city’s population neared 250,000 residents.

In the United States, reportedly 300,000 moose live in 19 northern states, including Alaska. The animal stays in colder climates.

If you encounter a moose, give it lots of space because the more the moose runs, the more stress it develops, making for an unpredictable situation. 

But, it seems moose accidents are unavoidable. In Alaska, there are about 500 moose accidents a year, though state officials say the odds of dying in one of these accidents are one in 200,000.