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Mother-Daughter Duo Harvests 2 Massive Mule Deer After 10 Years of Waiting and Strategizing

by Kayla Zadel
Photo By Dennis Anderson/Star Tribune via Getty Images)

This mother-daughter duo is taking family bonding to a whole new level. Both women harvested their own massive mule deer within one day of each other.

The hunt for Lisa and Alyssa Chavez is one they’ve been planning for a decade, with the help of Danny Chavez. Danny is the husband to Lisa and father to 20-year-old daughter Alyssa.

He had been putting the women into Colorado’s animal big-game name draw, Outdoor Life reports. This is the year that both mother and daughter were selected.

“These tags don’t come along often,” Danny said. “When you draw them, you want to make the most of them. I knew this area had great big-buck potential, and that if we put in the time we’d likely get a crack at a pair of shooters, but still, I felt the pressure.”

Daughter First to Harvest Mule Deer

Danny admits that he felt the pressure when it came time to try and fulfill his wife and daughter’s tags. From years of hunting in the area and with a little help from his friends, Danny knew the public tract like the back of his hand. Furthermore, the rut was on, so he knew that bucks would be on the move.

After coming up empty-handed the first two days of the season, the Chavez family proved to prosper on day three after a little patience and talking about the buck they had seen. The crew went back for a second look and decided to pull the trigger.

Alyssa got her kill from 150 yards away. A birthday present that she shared with the whole family. The buck had bases as big as a soda can. Yes, really — there is photo evidence of the size!

Mother Makes Her Move the Next Day

Day four proved to be Lisa’s turn to fill her buck tag. Danny said they had to wait until the afternoon to get the perfect shot if the mule-deer.

“I knew this was the buck of a lifetime — a true plains monster — and was doing my best to keep my bride of 21 years calm,” Danny said. “The distance was 336 yards. I had no doubt Lisa could make the shot, and with the buck standing still, she squeezed the trigger on her 6.5-284 Norma Savage 110 LRH. The hit was perfect, and the buck was dead in seconds.”

Danny had predicted the buck to be big. He scored the deer at an impressive 195 4/8 inches (unofficial). It was just a guess on his part, but he’s having the buck scored officially.

However, it will be the hunt that was worth the wait. The one he shared with his wife and daughter that Danny will remember for years to come.