Mountain Lion Attacks Deer Decoy in Hunter’s Trail Cam

by Madison Miller

One wild mountain lion just wanted to double-check that his next meal wasn’t standing completely still right in front of it. You can never be too sure, after all.

A video from a trail camera spotted the moment in which a mountain lion thought that a deer decoy set up by a hunter was an actual, real-life deer. Despite that the deer (obviously) showed no signs of movement, the cougar put its best attack moves to work.

The mountain lion approaches the deer and sits right in front of the decoy. The cougar then launches into attack mode by wrapping both paws around the fake deer’s head and wrestling it to the ground.

It continues to pin the deer to the ground. At some point, snow overcomes the trail camera and makes it hard to see what’s going on. Sadly, we don’t really get to see the moment in which the wild predator figures out that this isn’t their next meal it’s just a hunk of plastic. It had to have been a pretty disappointing nighttime hunting session for the mountain lion.

There is a brief moment where the mountain lion looks up and seems a tad disappointed in it all.

While the mountain lion was far from amused, commenters got a kick out of the bad night for the cougar. One person wrote, “Now he’s looking for the person who’s put it there!!” Meanwhile, another person complimented that deer decoy as the star of the show, “Deer was fearless …didn’t back down.”

Mountaion Lion Stare Down

At the same time, a California couple had a face-to-face moment with a mountain lion that likely had them wishing they could turn into a deer decoy.

A trail camera caught a terrifying moment on November 5 that occurred in Trabuco Canyon. A man named Mark Girardeau and his friend Rachel de Vlugt were hiding in the bushes as the big cat approached. Girardeau barked at the mountain lion and yelled in order to stand his ground.

Meanwhile, he kept telling his friend to slowly back away, but not to make any sudden movements. It all lasted for two full dangerous and agonizing minutes. Luckily, Girardeau is a wildlife photographer so he knew what to do in the scary situation.

“That’s the only way to photograph mountain lions because they are so stealthy. Over the years, I’ve gotten better at tracking them and following their tracks. It’s fun to see what mountain lions walk around at night when humans aren’t around. It’s a cool way to see it,” he said to The Mercury News.

Girardeau often shares videos and screenshots from his adventures to give people an idea of the lives of animals like cougars.