Mountain Lion and Poodle Mix Get into Staring Match: VIDEO

by Thad Mitchell

Here’s a good one for you — Remember the time when the tiny little poodle mix stared down the huge mountain lion?

Of course, you do not. That would be downright crazy to witness, Right? Well, believe it or not, that is exactly what happened just yesterday (Friday) and it was caught on video. The bizarre incident occurred in the mountainous region of Northern Colorado, where many mountain lions call home. But Grand Lake, Colorado is also the place that a tiny Shih-Poo named “Dash” calls home. And Dash has no intentions of allowing another animal to take his territory. He stared down the enormous mountain lion with no fear at all. At the end of the staring contest, it was little Dash who would emerge victorious, sending the lion fleeing. Take a look at the crazy video taken by Grand Lake resident Sarah Bole:

All hail Dash — ruler of Northern Colorado.

While Dash shows no fear as he peers at the mountain lion through the glass door, his owner is a different story. You can hear Bole in the background pleading with the 13-year-old poodle mix to back away from the door. The mountain lion shows no aggression toward the much smaller dog and is likely just curious about what he is looking at. From a distance, he sizes up the fluffy dog before venturing over to get a closer look. He paws at the window a couple of times but largely appears to be more concerned with his own reflection. The two beasts stare at each other for a solid two minutes before the mountain lion scampers off. It isn’t until the lion leaves that Dash lets out a couple of deep barks as if to say “this is my territory!”

Mountain Lion Scares Dog Owner — But Not The Dog

In the video, you can her Bole attempting to persuade Dash away from the door.

At no time was the lion aggressive, but rather it was just as curious as my dog to figure out what was on the other side of the glass,” Bole says in a Storyful interview. “Although I was a bit shaken, I don’t feel I was in any danger and the lion was curious about its own reflection and the dog.”

Listening to the short video, it is easy to tell that Bole is a little bit unnerved — and who wouldn’t be. Yes, the is a glass door between the two animals but a Mountain Lion would have little issue breaking.

“He wants to eat my dog,” she says early in the video. “This is really scary, Dash. Get away from the door, Dash. Come here.”

Perhaps little Dash has a new friend that will pop in for a visit every once in a while. We know Sarah Bole now has a very interesting story to share.