Multi-Million Dollar RV Has Built-in Garage Big Enough to Fit a Sports Car: See Photos

by Kati Michelle

Recreational Vehicles (RV) sales are booming. They’ve consistently climbed since a record-breaking year in 2020. With so many different options out there, they’re a lot like shoes. Not everyone will like everything, but there’s surely something out there for everyone nonetheless.

From a single bachelor looking to embark on a soul-finding journey to the elderly couple knocking out a bucket list across America, one size simply does not fit all. Yet, RV sizes and prices range comfortably from middle class to well beyond. We’re here to talk about that beyond with the RV of your wildest dreams. This top-of-the-line model comes with more than a few tricks up its sleeve, including a garage big enough to fit an entire sports car. The kicker? You won’t believe how it all fits together.

Germany’s Volkner Mobil

Coming in with a $2.4 million price tag, Germany’s Volkner Mobil finds itself amongst the most luxurious class of RVs out there. Although it looks a lot like a Transformer and costs as much as one too, the Volkner Mobil Performance S model just relies on innovative, sharp design to fit all its gadgets and gizmos. Sure, you could pull your $3million dollar sports car behind your RV and get a few passing glances, but why subject it to all the bugs and other unsavory outdoor elements? No, that’s just not right. Instead, you want the comfort of a Recreational Vehicle cabin with the safety of an added garage.

Volkner Mobil knows this and that’s exactly why they added a secret storage compartment between the axles. Now, the caveat here is that the compartment needed to fit certain logistics in order to make it practical. To that end, it’s best suited for a low-lying sportscar or compact vehicle. Hydraulics power the Central Garage, which includes a drivable slide-out platform. After parking your car, the entire platform retreats back into the RV and you can go about your merry way knowing everything is safe and sound.

The RV Tour

If you think the outside of the Performance S model RV looks flashy, just wait until you get a peek at the inside. The cabin exudes elegance from the bright white overhead lighting to the chic white seating and mirror details. As previously stated, the base model starts out at $2.4 million, but there’s plenty of room for whatever customizations your little heart desires.

They might hurt your wallet, though. The display model in question is fitted with an additional $355,000 Burmeister audio system as well as solar panels to make it more efficient. Despite its European origin, Volkner Mobil holds that its products are actually available in North America and worldwide.

You can check out the official video tour here: