Mystery Fisherman Hailed as Hero for Rescuing Kid From New York Lake

by Will Shepard

Some people do good deeds simply because it is the right course of action. These types of people who don’t seek anything in return help to make the world a better place. In upstate New York, this was certainly the case for a fisherman.

A man came to the aid of two children who capsized a boat on a lake. But, after the fisherman rescued the two children, he left on his own boat. The man never gave his name to the two kids struggling for help, so they were unable to publicly or privately thank him for his heroics.

The two children were out in kayaks on Cossayuna Lake in Washington County, New York. Both of the kids were 10-years-old. The exact cause of how one of the children fell out of their kayak is unknown. Nonetheless, one of the children ended up in the cold lake water.

According to the Olean Times Herald report, the other child wasn’t able to help rescue the one in the water. Thankfully, though, the child knew what to do after they capsized. The ten-year-old held onto the kayak to aid their floatation efforts.

Dealing with capsized vessels is a tough thing to do. Consequently, the ten-year-old in the water wasn’t able to paddle or swim back to the safety of the shore. Thankfully, a fisherman who was in his own boat heard the children’s cries for help. The man quickly came to the distress calls and was able to get both of them to the safety of the shore.

But, that was the end of the fisherman’s story. As soon as he knew the children were okay, he promptly left them to head back out into the water.

Family Wants to Thank Fisherman

Sgt. Robert Sullivan was notified of the incident and came over to investigate what had happened. According to the local news outlet, Sgt. Sullivan said that the mysterious fisherman headed back onto the lake to continue fishing.

He told the outlet that the fisherman had made sure the kids were okay before he left. He said additionally that authorities have not been able to find the mysterious hero.

The news outlet reports that the family of the child who fell in the water wants to thank the fisherman. The family wants information on him so they can reach out to him. But, as of now, they haven’t had any luck finding the mysterious fisherman.

This story had a happy ending, but it serves as an excellent reminder that everyone in a boat should wear a personal floatation device at all times.