NASA Astronaut Takes Stunning Shot of Hurricane Larry As It Ominously Approaches U.S.

by Shelby Scott

NASA Astronauts stand witness to numerous incredible extraterrestrial feats. From eclipses down to Earth’s hurricanes and tropical storms, they get a bird’s eye view of it all. Most recently, however, NASA Astronaut Megan McArthur shared a stunning image of ongoing Hurricane Larry and, based on the photograph, things don’t look good for the United States Eastern Seaboard.

“Hurricane Larry update from this morning,” McArthur shared. “From our viewpoint on @Space_Station, it looks much larger than Ida.”

The haunting photo captures the large swirling eye of Hurricane Larry, its arms extending far from its center. According to FOX News, Larry occupies areas over the Atlantic Ocean currently, still several hundred miles from Bermuda. The hurricane, still labeled as an intimidating Category-3, proceeds in its route toward the island, continuing in its northwestward track. The outlet stated the hurricane’s strength remains as it’s been.

As storm trackers marked Hurricane Larry’s location and progression Sunday, McArthur shared a photo of the hurricane from a different perspective. “Hoping this one doesn’t make landfall,” she wrote.

As of Wednesday, Hurricane Larry possesses hurricane-force winds reaching up to 70 miles from its center. Tropical-storm-force winds extend up to 185 miles outward. Hurricane Larry’s sustained wind speeds max out at the moment at a forceful 115 miles per hour.

The outlet stated the hurricane center predicts Larry should weaken over the next several days, however, “dangerous swells” are to affect many east coast beaches later this week. Coastal residents should exercise caution as swells are slated to begin today, ongoing through the end of the week.

Hurricane Larry to Produce Potentially Fatal Rip Currents

For the moment, forecasters don’t predict Hurricane Larry to make landfall. And while, following the destruction of Hurricane Ida, that may be a relief in itself, it doesn’t mean East Coast Americans are free from danger.

As Ida previously demonstrated, the tropical depression that roved the northeastern states brought major destruction. Areas in New Jersey, and New York City overall, saw detrimental flash floods and isolated tornados. As Hurricane Larry approaches, its location over the Atlantic Ocean promises potentially fatal rip currents in addition to dangerous swells.

As of Tuesday, beach areas and coastal regions were already seeing lifeguards and local officials alike urging beachgoers and visitors alike to use caution while near the water and pay close attention to local guidelines.

Where the island of Bermuda is concerned, as Larry quickly approaches the region, tropical storm conditions are possible as early as tonight or Thursday morning.

According to the National Hurricane Center, “Significant swells from Larry will begin reaching the East Coast of the United States and Atlantic Canada today and continue affecting these shores through the end of the week.”

Among ongoing recovery efforts post-Ida, we are keeping Outsiders in Larry’s grip in our thoughts.