Bull Rider Suffers Facial Lacerations, Knocked Unconscious in Scary Moment at National Finals Rodeo

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)

You know what Garth Brooks says about that damned ol’ rodeo; it’s the broncs and the blood, no? Well, professional bull rider JB Mauney saw a little of that iconic line on Tuesday night when his ride at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas rewarded him with facial lacerations and a complete KO at the hooves of the bull, Johnny Thunder.

Footage shows the cowboy as he rides out a handful of the bull’s bucks before getting thrown from Thunder’s back, and shaken like a ragdoll. If you watch closely, you can see the moment Mauney’s face comes a little too close to the bull’s thrashing horns.

Thanks to the event’s bullfighters, Johnny Thunder was soon wrangled and Mauney was able to walk off on his own after regaining consciousness. Of the incident, the cowboy shared the video of himself and the bull on Instagram alongside the caption, “Got a little western last night! Thanks to three of the best for saving my ass!”

Fortunately, it appears Mauney was in good spirits soon after his confrontation with the bull, with rodeo officials clearing him to ride the next day.

However, while the incident might appear intense to viewers, Mauney boasts the saying, “If you are going to be the best, you’ve got to ride the best.” And there’s no doubt that Johnny Thunder presented the cowboy with a hell of a challenge Tuesday night.

Rodeo Cowboy Dances with Bull in Insane Encounter

While our PBR bull riders get a lot of the fame and recognition when it comes to their pursuit of that 8-second ride, we have to remember the sacrifices our bullfighters make during each and every event. Mauney’s incident no doubt marks a memorable one for his debut at the National Finals Rodeo. However, a famed and experienced PBR bullfighter had an equally intense encounter with a bull a few months ago and, like Mauney, walked it off like a champ.

Footage captures the moment the PBR’s “Fearless” Frank Newsome faced down a bull in late September after bucking its rider in the dirt. In return, the massive beast jumped right on top of him. Miraculously, Newsome walked off the encounter without a flinch.

The insane incident took place as the bull bucked its rider, to which Frank Newsome had immediately come to aid. As the creature wildly flails around, it lands right on top of the bullfighter and, just as quickly, bucks away, Newsome entirely unscathed.

Announcers highlighted Newsome’s drive and bravery in the PBR. Known for his steadfastness throughout the sport, one stated, “He won’t go looking for a fight, but if the fight comes to him, he’s never gonna back down.”