National Geographic Reveals Best Places in World to Travel in 2022

by Keeli Parkey

Do you want to travel in 2022? Do you need some help finding the perfect place for that trip? Well, National Geographic has a perfect resource for you.

The famous publication released its “Best of the World” list for next year on Thursday, Nov. 18. It consists of 25 locations across the globe and details about each of them.

“Travel options kind of vary right now. So we have a whole bunch in North America, some that some people can even drive to. And then we have a handful that are quite far away for some of us, but are closer to our international partners,” George Stone, National Geographic Travel’s executive editor said during an interview with Fox News.

Stone also reported that the 2022 list was created with “conservation” and “sustainability” in mind.

“Things we highlight include new trails, new experiences,” Stone said. “We definitely dig into conservation aspects and sustainability partly, because I think that in this time away from travel, people are reflecting on how they want to be, you know, a more responsible traveler in the future and what that might mean,” he also said.

National Geographic ‘Best of the World’ List Divided Into Five Categories

For the 2022 “Best of the World” list, National Geographic chose to divide the 25 destinations into five categories. These categories are Nature, Adventure, Sustainability, Culture and History, and Family.

The 2022 list also includes locations that have been designated as World Heritage sites by UNESCO. That organization has been working to preserve important cultural locations for 50 years.

So which locations across the globe made the list? They will be listed by their category.

In the Best of the World: Nature category the locations are: Lake Baikal, Russia; Namibia; Victoria, Australia; Belize; and also Northern Minnesota.

Also, the Best of the World: Adventure category includes: Arapahoe Basin, Colorado; Palau; Seine River, France; New Brunswick, Canada; and also Costa Rica.

Making the 2022 list in the Best of the World: Sustainability category are: Yasuní National Park, Ecuador; Chimanimani, Mozambique; Ruhr Valley, Germany; Columbia River Gorge, Oregon/Washington; and also Łódź, Poland

Named by National Geographic for the Best of the World: Culture and History category are: Jingmai Mountain, China; Hokkaido, Japan; Procida Island, Italy; Atlanta, Georgia; and Tin Pan Alley, London.

Last, but not least, is the Best of the World: Family category. The locations on this part of the list are: Lycia, Turkey; Granada, Spain; Eastern Shore, Maryland; Danube River; and Bonaire.

This list by National Geographic was created to help travelers find the perfect location for their 2022 travels.

“With this time off from travel, people are going to be making much more conscientious choices about where they’re going. And so we wanted to meet that with specific ideas about what is a unique, revealing and a safe destination for the year ahead,” Stone also said.