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National Hunting & Fishing Day 2020: Here’s How To Celebrate

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: PASCAL POCHARD-CASABIANCA/AFP via Getty Images

National Hunting & Fishing Day is once again upon us. Hunters and anglers nationwide celebrate the outdoors holiday every year on the fourth Saturday of every September. The federal government recognized the holiday in 1972 to celebrate the conservation efforts of hunters and anglers past and present.

“Being outdoors during these times is a great way to find respite in a crazy world,” Ducks Unlimited CEO Adam Putnam said. DU, along with Bass Pro Shop and Cabela’s, are among this year’s sponsors. “Thanks to the tireless commitment of our partners like Bass Pro Shops, DU is still moving dirt to improve habitat across North America where every American can enjoy the wonders of nature.”

In an effort to reach a younger audience, this year’s honorary chairs are Dude Perfect, known for their viral videos. Past honorary chairs include NASCAR driver Richard Childress.

According to the NHFA Facebook page, 18.2 million people hunt every year in the United States. More people hunt than play tennis (13.6 million), soccer (14.3 million) and baseball (12.1 million). Hunters and anglers generate $57 billion annually for the economy.


According to National Today, a combined 38 million Americans fish and hunt, with teenage girls one of the fastest growing demographics. Americans buy more than a billion shotgun shells annually.

Spend National Hunting & Fishing Day with someone new to the outdoors.

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As part of NHF Day, the NHF Association is challenging hunters and anglers to introduce someone to the outdoors. They can accomplish this challenge by taking someone fishing, hunting or target shooting.

People can sign up to take the pledge here. Those who sign up will be entered for a chance to win a trip to America’s Conservation Capital in Springfield, Missouri. Winners will receive “the ultimate VIP experience” at Wonders of Wildlife. They will also “go on a shopping spree” at the Bass Pro Shops’ National Headquarters.

“If you are a sportsman, sportswoman or an angler, you can make a difference and support National Hunting and Fishing Day by becoming a mentor,” NASCAR driver Richard Childress said previously regarding the pledge. “Mentoring is critical to ensure our outdoor tradition lives on through future generations. Make the commitment to take someone outdoors and show them why you value hunting, fishing and target shooting. For millions of Americans, time spent hunting and fishing are treasured moments. Hunting and fishing brings friends and family together and provides one of the most immersive outdoor experiences possible.”