National Parks Service Shares Hilarious and Accurate ‘Wildlife Petting Chart’ for National Wildlife Day

by Megan Molseed

September 4 has been named National Wildlife Day. Of course, the National Parks Service couldn’t let such a holiday go by without taking to social media in order to remind the public of the importance of giving wildlife – especially the large animals – their space.

We all know that there is some breathtaking beauty within our nation’s national parks. From mountain peaks to river valleys; rolling grasslands, or spectacular forests, visitors of these national parks can witness some of nature’s most spectacular sights.

While visitors are welcome to take advantage of these opportunities, the National Parks Service regularly reminds visitors that wildlife is just that: wild.

Of course, the organization had to share this same message on National Wildlife day. But, they did it in the most hilarious way.

Have you ever seen a bison petting chart? Well, the organization shared one on their Instagram page Saturday afternoon.

In the post, the National Parks Service highlights the importance of making sure that visitors of our nation’s national parks know to admire wildlife from a distance. A serious message, yes; however, the National Parks Service included a hilarious chart to show park goers exactly what they mean.

“National parks offer a unique experience for watching wildlife,” the National Parks Service wrote on the Saturday Instagram post.

“But with that privilege comes responsibility,” the organization added. “Visitors are responsible for their own safety and for the safety of the animals, too.”

The National Parks Service ended the message with a simple note: “keep your distance—no touching, no feeding, no harassing.”

National Parks Service Shows Us How To Pet A Bison: You Don’t

The photo accompanying the Insta post is a hilarious one. And, the photo is also very informational if you’ve ever wondered where one should pet a bison. Because this picture makes that answer pretty simple. You don’t.

The hilarious post features a drawing of a bison, with pieces of the animal’s body, sectioned off and labeled. From the “Nope,” area to the “How fast are you?” and “Vacation over,” sections, the National Parks Service communicated beautifully how important it is that we observe our nation’s wildlife from a distance.

Other area’s on the hilarious bison pic included “Think again,” “Ouch,” “Umm, no,” and “Do you have insurance?”

The National Wildlife holiday was developed with the intention of encouraging visitors to honor some of our country’s most beautiful locations and wildlife areas.

The national holiday seeks to inspire those visiting some of our country’s spectacular national parks to enjoy what they have to offer. Additionally, the goal is to encourage visitors to “step back, take a breath and think about all that surrounds us.”

Of course, the National Parks Service adds some sage advice to those looking to snap the once-in-a-lifetime photo while visiting a national park:

“Wanna take a picture?” the organization asks. “Use your zoom and give them room! ”