Natural Pool Turning Blood Red Has People Questioning If It’s the End Times

by Courtney Blackann

Is is the work of the government or perhaps something more divine? Researchers in Jordan are baffled by a pool of water near the Dead Sea which has turned crimson in recent days. The blood-red water is usually clear blue. Witnesses aren’t sure what to make of it. Could be it the end of days?

Believers of biblical forewarnings understand the significance of water suddenly running red. In the Old Testament, one of ten plagues bestowed on the Pharaoh were blood-filled waters. This killed all the fish and fouled its drinkability. The plagues were cast down by God when Pharaoh refused to free his Jewish slaves.

The region of Jordan is in the biblical section of Moab – which also didn’t go unnoticed.

Further, the Dead Sea pool seems to be the only body of water affected. Others surrounding it remain clear.

Despite the bizarre phenomenon, the head of the Water and Agriculture Committee of the Al-Karak Council, Fathi Al-Huwaimel said researchers are attempting to find the source of its cause. Several theories have been posed, however.

Why the Pool Could Be Turning Red

One such explanation is that a type of red algae and bacteria that change color with the presence of sunlight. However, this seems unlikely due to the fact that the pool of water is often exposed to sun and other surrounding pools have not changed color.

Another explanation is that iron oxide in the water could create a color change. Though experts did not say how the presence of iron oxide would suddenly be in the water.

Further, Sakhr Al-Nusour, the head of the Jordanian Geologists Syndicate said the water’s color could have been affected by human factors. Some think the government may be dumping pollution or chemicals into the spot and that’s what’s causing the blood-red color.

Whether it’s a warning from God himself or not remains a mystery. Scientists will conduct their research in the following weeks.

The Dead Sea’s Healing Power

The Dead Sea is a gorgeous body of water that contains 30 percent salinity. Many tourists tout the area for being a healing reprieve. From across the world, people travel to bathe in the body of water. Its salty fluid contains many health benefits. Additionally, the mud beneath the water helps relieve pained muscles.

Experts also say people with respiratory disease appear to benefit from the region’s increased atmospheric pressure. Moreover, the “temperature, humidity and water’s minerals make it a perfect environment to treat skin problems,” according to the Daily Mail.

Further, the Dead Sea’s origins date back some four million years. It lies on earth’s lowest point, making it a wonder to its visitors.