Navy Sailor Dies in Hiking Accident After Falling 80 Feet Down Slope in Big Sur

by Shelby Scott

There is an almost endless number of benefits to hiking, but it can also prove to be quite a dangerous hobby in treacherous locations. This past summer, several unfortunate people and one Big Sur incident recently proved that. In a tragic hiking accident, one young Navy sailor was killed after falling down a slope in Big Sur, California.

The hiking accident took place on Wednesday, September 22nd. It saw the death of 22-year-old Marie Denea Ishie from San Diego. Deputies reported Ishie died after she fell 80 feet down a slope in a restricted area. The scene was found near McWay Falls in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park.

According to authorities, the young woman was an active duty Navy sailor. KSBW reports that investigators found nothing suspicious in the hiking accident leading to the woman’s demise. They further concluded Ishie had not made an attempt at suicide.

Outsiders keep our U.S. Navy sailor’s family and friends in our thoughts as they endure this difficult time.

High Schooler Succumbs to Medical Emergency on Class Hiking Trip

Earlier this month, a young New Hampshire high schooler also lost their life during what should have been a fun class hiking trip.

On September 12th, the young man and his classmates traveled to Baldface Mountain in New Hampshire. While the group contacted 911 and authorities came and did all they could, the young man, unfortunately, lost his life.

SAD 61 Superintendent Alan Smith said this particular tragedy was more complicated surrounding classmate response compared to other incidents. He said, “The difference with other situations I’ve dealt with, like a car accident or a suicide, is that those weren’t group events where other students witnessed what happened.”

Additionally, following the death of the student, the Portland Press Herald reported many of the students were left struggling with their classmate’s death following the hiking trip. At the time following the incident, Smith stated he remained unaware of the student’s conclusive cause of death.

Utah Man Dies from a 200-Foot Fall in Tragic Hiking Accident

If these fatalities point to anything, it’s that hikers should always know their limits and remain aware of their surroundings. Further, it’s important to stick to companions when on extensive hiking trips. This month saw a third hiking accident take place earlier this month, falling, like Ishie, to their death.

On Sunday, September 12th, a 26-year-old Utah man reportedly fell more than 200 feet after separating from a group of other hikers in Little Cottonwood Canyon. According to KUTV, a group of hikers crossing the Cottonwood Ridge Traverse came across the body near Dromedary Peak.

Friends shared that the man had been hiking Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup at the time of the accident. Those knowledgeable of this particular trail shared a warning to hobbyist hikers. Those attempting the trail must bring special gear and possess knowledge of rock climbing.

In reference to the treacherous hiking trail itself, Unified Police Sergeant Melody Cutler summed that hikers should have “really technical hiking skills in order to complete [the trail].”

The news outlet further shared that as Utah hiking becomes increasingly popular, hiking accidents and climbing deaths have surged across the state and throughout the West in general. This spring alone witnessed the deaths of seven Utah hiking accidents and two fatalities within a 13-day period.