Nebraska Officials Looking Into Hundreds of Dead Snow Geese Abandoned on Roadside

by Samantha Whidden

Nebraska Game and Parks officials are reportedly investigating around 300 dead snow geese that were recently found on side of the road.

According to Outdoor News, the Nebraska officials discovered the dead geese on the side of a road west of Falls City in Richardson County. Duane Arp, Assistant Administration with Nebraska Game and Parks’ Law Enforcement Division, reveals that only half of the 300 geese were cleaned and breasted. He also said that the agency is investigating how many people are part of the situation. Luckily, the agency already has some leads. He explained the birds should be taken to a landfill or buried in a pre-approved property.”

“People should know it is illegal to kill game birds and just throw them away,” the Nebraska official stated. “Hunters have a responsibility to the resources to dispose of them properly.”

Outdoor News reports that those who killed the birds may face misdemeanor charges and fines if they didn’t have the required hunting permits or stamps. It is also possible that those involved could face misdemeanor charges for littering a water-way and wanton waste. 

Arp further told The Lincoln Journal Star, “Nebraskans value wildlife. And that is based upon the number of calls Wildlife Crimestoppers receives each year. In this case, we’ve got four or five leads already coming in.”

Nebraska Game and Parks already receive many calls about animals on the side of the road. Especially during deer season. Arp added, “It certainly is not everyone. But it happens too often.”

Nebraska Conservation Professional States that Snow Geese Are Delicious and Deserve respect

In a recent article from Nebraska-based conservation professional, Greg Wagner, people are constantly ragging on snow geese. Wagner declares that not only are the birds absolutely delicious, but they deserve some respect. “Look, they are not ‘sky carp,’ ‘rats with white features,’ or ‘trash birds.’ No, not by a long shot. They are classified as light geese. Snow and Ross’s geese to be exact. And they are to be respected and revered. Like any other native North American wildlife species.”

Matthew Garrick, the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission‘s Waterfowl Program Manager, also spoke about snow geese. “Light geese are delicious. But they must be properly cared for in the field. And then prepared and cooked right.”

Garrick further describes snow geese as being impressive migratory birds. “It is native to North America. It is not an invasive species. And it continues to modify its behavior with land use and climatic changes.” 

Wagner also declares that snow geese are very cautious and difficult to approach or lure close. “The snow goose has simply taken advantage of the changes we humans have made to the landscape and few species match the snow goose in terms of the challenges it presents and its remarkable adaptability to differences in its environment.”