Nevada Hiker Stumbles Upon Human Bone, Helps Solve 8-Year-Old Missing Persons Case

by Shelby Scott

In an unexpected though contributory discovery, three Nevada hikers discovered human bones belonging to a previously missing person. Their discoveries ultimately helped close an eight-year-old missing persons case.

Images show the final piece which helped close the missing persons case. Although, the bone features differently from how we usually see these kinds of remains. The New York Post shared photos of the uncovered bone, its condition much weathered by the elements after eight years. The bone itself features cracks, divers, and weather markings, as well as the remains of a metal surgical plate.

According to the news outlet, the Carson City, NV hiker shared footage of his discovery in a viral TikTok video. He said of his initial discovery, “I thought it was someone’s pet’s bone that had some surgery done to it.”

The hiker shared he had been on a hike with his dogs in 2020 when he came across the human remain.

As to the missing person himself, “The gentleman in question went missing in 2013.”

Authorities state the deceased man, Christopher Cash, 55 at the time he went missing, was reported as such on August 1st, 2013. The outlet reports Cash had been a paranoid schizophrenic who was off his medication.

January of 2019 saw another hiker discover a human skull in Centennial Park above Carson City. November of 2020 saw the above hiker discover another human bone, again with a surgical plate. The outlet stated it had been located half a mile from the skull’s location. A hiker last February then found more bones, contributing to the case.

The multiple discoveries led authorities to positively ID the metal plates as the same Cash received in 2011. DNA evidence from the bones math those of Cash’s sibling. However, while authorities have solved the missing persons case, they still have no positive cause of death. They also remain unsure as to why Cash wound up in such a remote location in the first place.

Gabby Petito’s Parents Help Locate Another Missing Person Alive

Several months have passed since the now nationally renowned travel vlogger, Gabby Petito, went missing, later found deceased. As such, her case and her parents’ experience have inspired the family to help others in locating their missing loved ones. While this holiday season will surely be a harsh first for the Petito family, their experience and contributions to missing persons efforts have helped one Indiana woman reunite with her family.

The previously missing woman, Lateche Norris, had been on a cross-country trip to visit her boyfriend when she went missing just after November 5th.

Once Petito’s father caught news of the missing woman, he immediately took to social media to urge followers to aid in search efforts. As Outsiders wish could have been done for Gabby Petito, leads eventually led to the young woman’s safe return.

Reports state three weeks of investigative work led to the woman’s recovery, and that her captive had demanded $7,000 in a ransom notice of the parents for their daughter’s safe return.