New Food Delivery Service Offers On-Ice Meal Service for Ice Fishermen

by Katie Maloney

Who’s got time to cook when they’re ice fishing?

There has been a lot of changes in the restaurant industry this year. In order to stay afloat, restaurant owners have had to get creative. That’s exactly what Jennifer Bailey, owner of Bailey’s Place, did when she started her on-ice meal delivery service. The new service delivers meals directly to ice fishermen while they’re in their shanties.

The Michigan-based restaurant owner announced the service via a Facebook post this week. She wrote, “Hey fisherman!!!! We are now offering ice delivery starting tomorrow so if you’re cold and hungry out there on that ice need a hot cup of coffee or a nice warm meal call…”

Food will be delivered directly to ice fishermen in their shanties.
(Photo by Shawn Patrick Ouellette/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images)

Ice Fishermen Want Fish Sandwiches While Fishing

With an extensive breakfast and lunch menu including both hearty and healthy options, Bailey has fishermen covered. She even has a few fish options that fishermen can snack on while waiting for their next catch. Bailey added that the service is extremely convenient. Meals will be brought directly to customers in their shanties.

“Basically that’s all we need to know is the color of your shanty, if it has a name, if it has a number and your nearest cross street. Then we just go out on the ice on the little four-wheeler and deliver your hot food,” said Bailey.

And customers are already responding well. With over 37 comments on the post, people seem to be excited about the new service. One customer wrote, “Whoa! Even to the shanty! This is awesome!!” Another commented, “Can’t wait to use this, this weekend!!!” Another customer wrote, “Wonderful and appreciated idea! Will have to give it a try!”

Looks like Bailey’s new ice fishing service has been warmly received!