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New Hampshire Angler Hooks State Record in ‘Emotional’ Spot

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by Islam Yakut/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

A large cusk makes state record in the same spot where the fisherman used to fish with his late friend. And let me tell you, it’s quite a beauty!

Earlier this month, Ryan Scott Ashley hooked a 12-pound orange cusk, setting a new fishing record. But according to Ashley, this catch meant more to him than getting his name in a record book.

The New Hampshire Fish and Game office announced on Facebook that Gilmanton resident, Ryan Scott Ashley, caught a new state record fish. The fish weighed 12 pounds and measured 35 inches long.

Afterward, Ashley spoke with Fox News, explaining that he caught the cusk on the northern end of Lake Winnipesaukee in Moultonborough. He referred to that location as “Paradise’s Spot.” He discussed how it’s named after a friend who recently died. He also explains how “Paradise” is his “grandfather’s best friend.”

“I never got the hunting fish with my grandfather much because he died when I was young. Paul Paradise introduced me to the sport and took me as a kid hunting, trapping and fishing. He was one of the number one trappers in the state of New Hampshire,” Ashley explained.

Ashley discussed he and Paradise spent a lot of time fishing in that spot. However, Ashley says he never saw his friend catch a cusk in that area.

“We always went for white perch. Once in a while, you get some lake trout and some rainbows. Just in the last couple years, I realized it was a really good cusk spot and I started fishing for them there,” he said.

“It was an emotional experience, something I never thought would happen in that particular spot,” he continued.

Mississippi Anglers Set 4 New Fishing Records

Back in December 2021, four new fishing records were set in Mississippi. But guess what? Two of those records were set by children! Anglers are all the hype!

According to the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources, Rodie Armes, 11, and Blake Bosarge, 13, set youth records. Dustin Conway and Jordan Matthews set state records.

Using a conventional tackle, Armes caught a 2 pound 11.04-ounce Ladyfish. Using a conventional tackle, Bosarge caught a Scamp that weighed 20 pounds and 12 ounces. The state records set are as follows: Dustin Conway caught a Golden Tilefish that weighed 20 pounds and 11.68 ounces. Jordan Matthews’ state record was for an Inshore Lizardfish that weighed 9.1 ounces. What an honor!

Many other fishing records were set in 2021. For example, a decades-old fishing record was broken in Minnesota. Fisherman Nolan Sprengeler caught a giant muskie last November. It took until mid-December for the state to measure and declare the new record. Sprengeler caught a 55-pound muskie in Millie Lacs Lake. The Department of Natural Resources said that the record had been set in 1964.