New Hampshire Family Wake Up to Find Black Bear on Porch in Scary Encounter

by Chase Thomas
(Getty Images)

One always has to be on their toes when you’re exploring the great outdoors. You have to keep your eyes peeled for all sorts of critters and animals that might pop out at a moment’s notice. However, one New Hampshire family awoke to find a black bear on their porch recently. The scary encounter was an extremely surprising one. If you’re hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains and stumble onto a black bear near your campsite that is one thing, but for this New Hampshire family to wake up and find the black bear on their own porch is another thing entirely.

Black Bear in New Hampshire House

It all had to do with a mud porch. Yes, indeed, a mud porch. The poor black bear had no intention of staying near this family’s home. However, he got stuck in the mud porch. He could not escape. Melissa Champney told WMUR, “I looked out the dining room window and there was a really big bear stuck on the porch — eating the porch, as a matter of fact.” Can you imagine looking out your porch and seeing a gigantic black bear stuck on your porch? Well, that was the reality that faced Champney and her husband.

It took over 45 minutes for the family to finally figure out a way to free the bear. The porch was a great option for their cats to go in and out of the porch. However, it did not work so well for a big bear. The bear did not know what he wandered into when he first arrived on the scene. Melissa continued, “When he came in, he must have shut the door behind him then he was essentially trapped in this 8 x 12 area.” This was going to be a problem.

She continued, “And so, he removes sheetrock, removes screens, he pretty much trashed the entire porch.” He had to do everything to try and get out of there. The bear did not want to stay on the premises. However, her husband was able to crawl and figure out a way to open up the area to let the black bear escape.

How to Prevent This

This is a rare occurrence for black bears. They don’t do things like this. New Hampshire Fish and Game spokesman Andrew Timmins said, “Bears find their food by a sense of smell. So, keeping these items such as a grill clean or keeping your garbage in air-tight containers so the smell can’t get out, those are the first important steps to tricking a bear and not letting the bear find it.” Bears smell their food quite well. So, making sure folks are keeping a close eye on their food containers and garbage is a big deal.