New Hampshire Hiker Dies After High-Risk Snow Rescue

by Jonathan Howard

While on a hike in New Hampshire, near Mount Clay, a hiker ran into extreme weather and was sure he would die without assistance. The outdoors can be harsh. The man texted his wife that without help, he didn’t expect to make it out alive. Rescuers made a daring action saving him from the weather. However, authorities have said the man has died from his injuries.

Despite being found, 53-year-old Xi Chen was in a hypothermic state. Saturday night is when he was found by the rescue team. He was treated for hours in an attempt to save his life. He was unresponsive on the trail, but his rescuers did detect signs of life.

While Xi was hiking out on the trail, snow and freezing temps moved in. On top of that, there were wind gusts of 80 mph, leaving anyone out on the trails exposed to deadly weather. The hiker texted his wife and she called Fish and Game officers around 6:30 that night.

“The hiker had sent a text message to his wife telling her that he was cold and wet and could not continue on,” New Hampshire Fish and Game explained. “He further wrote that he felt he would die without a rescue.”

When the rescue team found Xi, they started working on saving his life. Warming him up was imperative. From Gulfside Trail, the unresponsive hiker was taken to the summit of Mt. Washington. He had to be carried over a mile in the rain and wind.

From there, Xi was put into a truck and they drove him to the base of the mountain, where he was put into a hospital and rushed to a hospital. After hours of work, Xi Chen was unable to recover and died. A truly unfortunate and tragic story.

Hiker Among Others Caught in Bad Weather

The weather came in a rush. However, it didn’t come without warning. There were a number of hikers on the trails that decided to head out despite the potential risks. When the weather hit, multiple calls came to the Fish and Game officials asking for help and rescue.

Of course, no one ever expects to find themselves caught up in a moment like this. Some think that they might have enough gear to withstand extreme weather, but officials want hikers to be more cautious in the future.

“Sometimes having enough gear is not enough,” NHFG said. “In weather conditions experienced this weekend it is better to descend and get out of the wind and cold instead of pushing on until it is too late.”

Be careful out there folks. The outdoors is a great place to spend time. We all want to have a safe time as well. Heed warnings and always know what the weather is going to be like before you take off.