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New Hampshire Homeowner Finds Abandoned Bear Cubs in Den While Clearing Brush

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Kirill KukhmarTASS via Getty Images)

A New Hampshire man discovered three bear cubs in a den on his property while clearing a brush pile, and fortunately, he didn’t run into the mother.

On Monday, the state’s Fish and Game Law Enforcement Division posted a photo of the cubs with commanding officer Shawn MacFadzen.

The agency said a department biologist decided to take the cubs to the Kilham Bear Center in the post. More than 1,200 people liked the Facebook post. Fox News reported on the discovery.

Homeowner Scares Mother Away, Finds Cubs

The unidentified New Hampshire homeowner said he accidentally destroyed the den and forced the mother out. Sometimes, bears can make dens out of thick brush piles.

In the process, the Fitzwilliam homeowner discovered cubs but called out the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department to handle them. Once secured, officials decided to get them care at the Killham Bear Center. Fitzwilliam is an hour, 40-minute drive from the center.

The Lyme-based center started in 1993. The Killian family rehabilitates and releases injured, orphaned, and abandoned black bear cubs. Ten years ago, the center welcomed 30 cubs from the state and neighboring ones. The center averages one to five cubs a year.

In a post, the center reported the animals eating well. Two females (Willa and Billie) and one male (Fitz) were doing well. The center said the girls weighed over 3 pounds, and the boy came in at over two pounds. 

Facebook commented on the post, sharing mixed feelings about the cubs and the mother.  

“Sorry, they could not stay with their mother and let nature take its course,” Bobbe McIntyre said.

Others hoped the mother bear could reunite with her cubs. Several women weighed in on the post, expressing their motherly instincts about the separation. The mini backlash spurred one woman to say, “Imagine coming on here and telling Fish and Game how to do their job.”

Bears In The News

The homeowner’s bear encounter is just the latest instance of a human-bear meeting, but fortunately, there were no fatalities. 

On Christmas Day, one Florida family came across two bears when the animals tried to enter a house through the front door. Fox News spoke with Sanford homeowner Marlene Stark about the incident.

Stark said encounters are every day, but she was shocked that one bear tried to enter the house. The bears wandered off without any incident.

However, one homeowner walking her dog north of Orlando got tackled by a bear in her yard.

Another Daytona Beach man tussled with one bear on his front porch. The man successfully pushed the bear back off the porch and blocked it from coming back into the house with a wooden bench. A security camera caught the incident.