New Jersey Bear Taught Proper Manners in Hilarious Video: ‘Close the Door Sweetie’

by Shelby Scott

This time of year marks the season of giving and it appears one considerate New Jersey bear was given the gift of proper manners as he gingerly closed a resident’s front door.

Vernon, NJ homeowner Susan Kehoe captured footage of the bear as she opened her front door one evening. She then encountered the gentle creature just outside. Deeming him”Mr. Bear,” Kehoe captured a minute-long recording as her visitor minimally engaged with her and then used his mouth to pull the door shut behind him.

“Close the door, Mr. Bear. Close the door sweetie,” the woman repeats throughout.

Of the encounter, Kehoe said, “Bears are damn smart! This bear learned to close the front door to my house.”

I’m not sure I would continue to indulge that particular skillset. That’s mostly because what if closing the door leads to opening the door?

Regardless, Outsiders should know that Kehoe is fully in her right mind. Yahoo states that she works as both a wildlife advocate and environmentalist. She has also specialized in black bear education since 1999.

Kehoe further commented on the animals’ disposition overall. “Throughout all these years, I was amazed at the gentle disposition of the North American Black Bear.”

Nevertheless, the environmentalist wrote on her LinkedIn, “As with all wildlife, respect their ‘space.'”

Ohio Black Bear Demonstrates Manners of His Own

On the topic of polite creatures, last month saw another gentle beast demonstrating manners of his own. As one of America’s most iconic scavengers, black bears are known for their garbage raiding habits.

Following one such event, a North Jackson, Ohio family found their trash cans neatly yet strangely placed back against their house. The family, Tammy and Brian Brancaccio, said at first, they thought the trashcan culprits were raccoons. However, upon watching footage of the scene, they found one hungry, though incredibly polite, black bear.

According to the Brancaccios, the feasting animal hung around for about half an hour, perusing the trash can’s collection.

Soon enough though, the animal had feasted to contentment. In a move surely no one would expect, the couple said the bear, “had enough manners to pick the trash can up and put it against the house.” Tammy continued, “it was pretty amazing to see that.”

Carolina Trash Can Raiders Larger than Most

No matter where you are across the United States, you can almost guarantee you’ll find a black bear raiding a trash can somewhere. As such, there are still marked differences between most American black bears and the ones populating Asheville, NC.

According to research from the North Carolina Urban/Suburban Bear Study, it’s confirmed that Asheville, NC black bears are twice as big as the country’s rural counterparts. The study also states that Asheville bears also reproduce at half the age of rural ones.

Currently, researchers don’t know exactly why this is taking place. However, a likely reason may come as a result of the area’s “anthropogenic” food. In essence, it simply references a plethora of human food available to the animals in the area.